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Ellik Evacuator

The Ellik Evacuator (Goddard Collection)

An original glass and red rubber Ellik evacuator, designed by Milo Ellik in 1937.

Ellik MA. Modification of the evacuator. J Urol: 1937; 153: 327

Ellik evacuator

Ellik was a resident at the University of Iowa under Alcock. Acording to the University website, Alcock encouraged Ellik to improve on the Davis evacuator for removing prostate chips.

Thus, unlike earlier evacuators the Ellik was designed for removing tissue rather than stone fragments.

Filing an Ellik evacuator is a subtle skill, usually mastered only by Theatre nurses and rarely, if ever, by urologists.

Watch the video on the left to see a demonstration of how an experienced Theatre nurse fills a disposable Ellik evacuator, perfectly and effortlessly, in just a few seconds.