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From Mr Joe Philip
Hon Secretary Elect & Educational Course Organiser

"... at last, a major international urology conference ..."

Welcome to BAUS 2022. We are enthusiastically looking forward to the first major International Urology Conference. BAUS 2022 gives an opportunity to once again network, socially interact and update on scientific progress over the last few years.

BAUS sections chairs, course directors and the events team led by Harry Heald, have done a tremendous job in bringing the teaching courses and the skills sessions to you. BAUS 2022 offers a hybrid approach for the Courses, with virtual teaching courses and face-to-face skills courses. The number of skills courses had to be limited by venue space limitation, but the selection of courses should reach out to the wider membership.

The four different face-to-face skills courses will offer opportunities to get simulation training and helpful pointers and discussions with an expert international faculty. The transperineal prostate biopsy course faculty will be led by Rajan Veeratterapillay and Bhavan Rai along with Consultant Radiologists and specialist nurses, taking us through the nuances of TP biopsy and prostate MRI.

AnandaKumar Dhanasekharan & Colleagues bring a particularly pertinent course for the post-COVID recovery plan. The ambulatory treatment options for the Benign Prostate Enlargement course has simulation learning for Urolift, Rezum, iTind and green light laser vaporisation.

Another new course is the Introduction to Robotics led by Vishwanath Hanchanale, promising to provide a framework with tips & tricks for robotic urological surgery. This is going to be an indispensable course for beginners and surgical practitioners alike.

For the younger generation looking to urology as a career, trainees Jennifer Nowers & Megan Thomas, with Herman Fernando, are running the Urology NTN Simulated Interview for the CT/Fellows who are considering entrance to the higher urology training programme. This course has a 1:1 opportunity for mock interviews, six different stations, reflecting the NTN interviews.

A new teaching course "Neuro-urology for the general urologist" has been developed by Sheilagh Reed and colleagues.

Popular sub-speciality teaching courses on Urodynamics and Paediatric urology have been updated for 2022. BSOT courses on Thriving as a Consultant, Insights into National Selection and Students for Urology have been updated for students, trainees, and young Consultants.

Courses on Research Methodology and Genomics in Urology will help us understand the nuances of research and genomics. The CESR Course (Navigating the CESR Route) will provide valuable pointers and steps to the application process and is a "must view" for all those considering CESR.

I am looking forward to these opportunities for us to learn and reflect, and I'm deeply grateful to the faculty, on behalf of BAUS, for delivering high quality courses.