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Mr Richard Khafagy

Medical Council Number

4534729 | View full profile »


Insufficient data has been returned rendering any analysis, apart from reporting total cases, statistically meaningless.

This table shows the total number of procedures performed by this consultant during the time period as compared to the national figures.

Total Procedures

Number Median Minimum Maximum
Consultant 2 - - -
National 5984 23 1 152

Transfusion Rate

The light blue line in this graph indicates national average. The red lines indicate 99% & 99.9% upper alarms.

An empty bar indicates that there were no reported events for this particular outcome.

Number of procedures included in transfusion analysis:

Post-operative Length of Stay

Number of Records Median (days) Minimum (days) Maximum (days)
Consultant - - - -
National 5984 2 0 115