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BAUS Members' Virtual Art Gallery

Welcome to the BAUS virtual art gallery!

Mary Garthwaite, Consultant Urological Surgeon at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough writes:

On behalf of BAUS, I am delighted to introduce this exciting new venture which sits alongside the BAUS Virtual Museum. The remit of the gallery is to showcase the artistic talents of BAUS members, and to promote the positive effect art & craft can have on those who create it and on those who view & appreciate it."

"Art and surgery have a long and prestigious association. From Leonardo da Vinci's exquisite anatomical drawings and Vermeer's "The Anatomy Lesson", to more contemporary studies of surgical life, such as Barbara Hepworth's "Hospital Drawings" or Jonathan Yeo's "Aesthetic Surgery Series", Art in Surgery has long been explored and displayed for public consumption We also have the surgeon artists - in urology, we can proudly celebrate the talents of Sir Henry Thompson, John Blandy and many others.

"I want to encourage BAUS members to use the gallery as a space to share their creativity. The three exhibition halls in the Virtual Art Gallery cover a range of artistic disciplines. All forms of art & craft are welcome, and information on submitting your artwork can be found in the gallery pages. Submission will only be accepted from BAUS members, but the gallery will be open to public viewing. You can, if you prefer, choose to exhibit anonymously.

"The gallery opens with three exhibitions: 'African Safari' in Hall 2 (Photography) together with 'Tourist Attractions & Anatomical Graphics' and 'Seven Portraits & A Still Life' in Hall 1 (Painting & Drawing). Check out the Archive (Storeroom) as well ...

"This gallery is for you. Get creating. Get submitting. Enjoy it."

Duncan Summerton, President of BAUS, has added the following message:

"I am delighted with the arrival of this new addition to the ever-improving website. A huge thank you to Mary Garthwaite and Nigel Bullock for creating this important and enjoyable section.

"In these days of increasing clinical and work-related stress, it is very satisfying to be able to showcase and celebrate other, non-medical talents of our colleagues in such a brilliant way.

"I am sure you will join me in wishing the BAUS Virtual Art Gallery all the success it deserves."

To learn more about how to submit your work, visit the Art Gallery home page and click on the Copyright Advice, and Submitting Your Artwork icons for more detailed information.

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