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Urological Patient Videos

Request for patient videos

To complement our existing patient information leaflets (PILs), BAUS is looking for help from its members to establish a library of videos that can be used alongside these leaflets.

Videos should, of course, be aimed at improving patient understanding of procedures, treatments, investigations etc and should NOT be prolonged recordings of surgical technique, intended primarily for clinicians. The videos will be used as a source of information for patients and for the general public; as, such, they should be brief and succinct, clearly demonstrating the procedure (or other concept) under review.

An example of a short procedural video (endoscopic litholapaxy) can be viewed by clicking here.

Clinicians, nurses or other health workers who have videos which they consider appropriate to supplement the BAUS PILs should e-mail the website editor with details. Videos can be submitted directly or, if they are provided on a public forum (e.g. YouTube), can be displayed using a hyperlink.

All videos used will be attributed and acknowledged. We are, however, unable to accept any promotional videos.

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