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Urology Tag Ontology

Standardising hashtags for SoMe in urology

The aim of the Symplur Urology Tag Ontology Project is to standardise hashtag (#) use in the urological social media (SoMe) community. By harnessing this unified list of SoMe descriptors, the project aims to improve communication and promote collaboration for providers and patients in the healthcare communities.

Click here to see the list of recommended tags for urology SoMe.

Urologists have been at the forefront of developing social media (SoMe) for professional use. SoMe is now widely used at urological meetings, allowing non-attendees to participate, and a Twitter-based Urology Journal Club (#urojc, @iurojchas developed to encourage international participation.

SoMe has also been employed to assess the responses of the media and the public to news events in clinical urology. Guidelines for responsible and effective use of SoMe are now in place and an active, patient advocacy voice has developed on a number of the SoMe channels.

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