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Annual Award for an Outstanding UK or Irish Urology Trainee

As part of their merger with BAUS in 2018, the Section of Trainees has introduced an award to celebrate an outstanding UK or Irish urology trainee.

BSoT will consider awarding trainees who have excelled in any area, including (but not limited to) clinical practice, academia and extra-curricular achievements.  This may be given to individuals who have, for example been outstanding mentors, charity fundraisers, scientific achievers, or have simply been a hard-working, reliable colleague deserving of recognition.

The successful trainee will be presented with the award at the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting together with a £1000 educational grant. 

Each region can nominate one outstanding trainee from their area for consideration of the award; regional BSoT reps should contact their local trainees for potential nominations.  If required, a vote within the region will be organised to decide who gets the nomination. Regional representatives should then complete the form below with a maximum of 250 words on why this individual should receive the award.

When you have completed all of the fields, uncheck the tick box at the bottom of the form (to keep our data secure) and click "Submit to BSoT".

Nominations for the Bronze Cystoscope Award for 2019 have now closed