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Information Leaflets

All our patient information leaflets normally undergo a complete revision every three years. Leaflets for newly-introduced procedures are introduced as soon as possible, and urgent or essential changes to existing leaflets are made immediately. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the leaflet review scheduled for 2020 was delayed until 2021/22. All the leaflets were revised at that stage, but are now being reviewed in greater detail during 2024.

Itr is important be aware that there may be minor variations in individual surgical practice that are not necessarily reflected in individual leaflets. In addition, the impact and timing of after-effects, together with recovery times, can vary a lot from patient to patient.  The BAUS Office staff are not medically qualified and are not able to comment on these issues; you should, therefore, take your surgeon's advice about the risks of any procedure and their impact on you as an individual.

NOTE: Some of this information contains graphic, medical images which you may find upsetting

Whilst we have made every effort to give accurate information in this section, there may still be errors or omissions in the leaflets listed.  BAUS cannot accept responsibility for any loss from action taken (or not taken) as a result of this information. All leaflets follow style guidelines from the sources shown below:

For more general information about surgical procedures, you may find the following web links useful: