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Medals and Awards

This page contains information about the medals and awards which BAUS makes on an annual basis.

Nomination Process

Nominations from BAUS members for all Medals and Awards are now open. Use the click button below to access a nomination form which can be used for any of the awards shown below:

  • BAUS Medals and Awards - nominations for medals & awards are expected to come from a third party: they cannot be applied for by self-nomination.

  • USANZ Conference Visitor Award - self-nomination is the accepted norm for the USANZ Conference Visitor Award (see bottom of this page). 

Email Hannah Doyle with any further enquiries

PLEASE NOTE: Nominations for all 2024 awards closed at 12:00hr on 5 October 2023 - the winners are shown below

Review Process

The nominations for the St Peter's Medal, St Paul's Medal, BAUS Gold Medal, Karl Storz Harold Hopkins Golden Telescope Award, John Anderson Award, BAUS Certificate of Distinction and the USANZ Conference Visitor Award are considered by the Medals and Awards Committee which includes: BAUS Trustees, Council Members and previous medal winners. No member of the committee is eligible for an award.

Where members have nominated someone for an award, or they work closely with someone, they will not be involved in the discussion for that award.

The Medals and Awards Committee for awards to be presented in 2024 consisted of:

  • Jo Cresswell - BAUS President, BAUS Trustee, North East Region
  • Ian Pearce - BAUS Vice President, BAUS Trustee & Trustee Rep on Andrology, North West Region
  • Nick Watkin - BAUS Treasurer, BAUS Trustee & Trustee Rep on BSoT, London South Region
  • Helen Simpson - BAUS Regional Council Member for Scotland East
  • Gokul Kanda Swamy - BAUS Regional Council Member for Wales
  • Nick Boxall - BAUS Council Member, Chair BSoT, East of England Region
  • Nitin Shrotri - Previous Gold Medal Winner & Chair SAS@BAUS Working Group, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Region
  • Caroline Moore - Previous Karl Storz Harold Hopkins Golden Telescope Award Winner & RCS Surgical Specialty Lead, London North Region
  • David Ralph - Previous St Peter’s Medal Winner, London North Region
  • Shekhar Biyani - Previous John Anderson Award Winner, Urolink Committee member, Yorkshire & Humber Region

St Peter's Medal

St Peter's medal

In 1948, Mr Bernard Ward kindly presented the Association with the die of a medal to be known as the St Peter’s Medal (pictured left).

It is awarded to any subject of the British Isles or Commonwealth who has made a notable contribution to the advancement of urology.

The award is presented at the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting in June each year.

See previous winners

St Paul's Medal

Richard Turner-Warwick

In 1989, Mr Richard Turner-Warwick (pictured) kindly presented the Association with the die of a medal to be known as the St Paul’s Medal.

It is awarded to distinguished colleagues from overseas whose contributions to the Association in particular and to UK urology in general BAUS Council particularly wishes to appreciate and honour.

The medal is presented at the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting in June each year.

See previous winners

BAUS Gold Medal

BAUS gold medalIn 2008, Professor Tony Mundy (then President of BAUS) and BAUS Council agreed to institute a Gold Medal (pictured) to complement the St Peter’s Medal. The Gold Medal is awarded to an individual (who may or may not be a clinician) who has contributed to the development and advancement of British urology as a corporate entity. This is distinct from the award of the St Peter’s Medal which is given for a notable contribution to the science and practice of urological surgery.

The medal is presented at the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting in June each year.

See previous winners 

Karl Storz Harold Hopkins Golden Telescope Award

Storz endoscopeIn 2000 Karl Storz Endoscopy (UK) Ltd generously offered to sponsor the annual award of the Harold Hopkins Golden Telescope.

Read more about Harold Hopkins

The award is given to urologists who have made a significant and lasting contribution to urology.

They must be UK Members of The British Association of Urological Surgeons and within ten years of their first consultant appointment.

The purpose of the award is to recognise excellence in young urologists.

The Award is presented by the President at the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting in June each year.

See previous winners

John Anderson Award

John Anderson was an inspirational man.  This award was instigated by John’s family and seeks to recognize an individual who has contributed to urology in an outstanding or inspirational way. 

Nominations should be for a BAUS Member in good standing and can be for an outstanding Trainee, Consultant or Associate Urological Specialist (AUS).

Exemplary achievement needs to be demonstrated by inspirational activity in teaching, training, service development, service delivery or personal endeavour. 

Nominations should be in the form of a citation of up to 500 words, clearly stating how, and how widely, the nominee has inspired others in the urological community.

Given the criteria above, an award may not necessarily be made every year. The Award is presented by the President at the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting in June each year.

See previous winners

BAUS Certificate of Distinction

In 2000 BAUS Council decided to create an award to recognise individuals who have had a long and significant relationship with the Association, its Annual Meeting and, most importantly, its annual exhibition. 

Individuals honoured with this award will have shown a continuing interest and awareness of the Association & its educational activities, and will be held in high regard by the membership of BAUS. We are not only interested in individuals from “head office” but also welcome local nominees.

The Certificate is awarded by Council on the recommendation of a Medals and Awards Committee, the membership of which includes the President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary and three elected members of Council.

The Certificate is presented by the President at the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting in June each year.

See previous winners

USANZ Conference Visitor Award

USANZ 2024 will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre 24 – 27 February 2024.

Applications for this award are invited from UK Members of BAUS who are planning to be in Australia at the time of the meeting, either working or travelling.

The successful applicant with receive complimentary registration for the meeting, which will include attendance at the welcome reception and gala dinner. Travel expenses are not included.

Please note that if you have previously received the award, you are not eligible to apply again.

More about USANZ 2024

Trainee Awards

Awards to trainees, together with awards voted for/presented by trainees, can be found in the Trainees' section elsewhere on this site by using the link below:.

Go to the Trainees' section