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Executive Committee

The Urolink Committee meets twice a year, usually in Spring and Autumn. The committee is responsible for the organisation, financial administration and running of Urolink and accomplishes this by:

  • discussing Urolink strategy and progress with BAUS (through the Committee Chair);
  • taking reponsibility for the evolution of Urolink strategy (as it has since its inception in 1990); and
  • including at least one of the BAUS Trustees in its Executive Committee meetings.

The committee members represent a broad range of interests in LMICs, principally in Africa. Other faculty members, representatives of other groups / associations and representatives from industry may be asked to attend meetings to help achieve the aims of Urolink.

Individual email addresses have been listed (where available) but you can make a general contact the Urolink Committee via the Administrator, by clicking here to go to the "Contact" page.

Members of the Executive Committee

Mrs Suzie Venn (Chair)

Suzie is a Consultant Urological Surgeon on the South Coast, specialising in reconstruction and functional Urology. She first visited KCMC, Tanzania, in 2005, joining the bi-annual workshop, and her interest and passion in helping develop Urology in LMICs grew from there. Suzie has been chair of Urolink since 2015, and has focused its efforts on developing 3 project sites in East Africa, with support from TUF, BJUI and BAUS. Future plans include widening support to other centres in East Africa, and beyond, by involving more BAUS members and trainees in the work, and increasing funding ... click here for email contact or here for Twitter

Mr Steve Payne (Honorary Secretary & Web Editor) 

Steve was Chair of Urolink between 2001 and 2006 and is now a retired having been a Consultant in Manchester. He was responsible for the development of the original Urolink website and intimately involved with the funding of, and working with Alfred Mteta on, the 2005 KCMC rebuilding project. More recently, he has been significantly occupied with the urethral reconstructive workshops in Hawassa, Ethiopia, and KCMC, Tanzania. As a previous exam Board chair in the JCIE and JSCFE in urology Steve has also become involved with the COSECSA Membership & Fellowship examinations, advising on aspects of their structure and quality control ... click here for email contact

Mr Jaimin Bhatt (Honorary Treasurer)

Jaimin is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. Born and brought up in Kenya, he trained in Urology in Oxford, followed by fellowship training in urologic oncology in Toronto. Actively involved in Urolink for many years, he has been hugely inspired by Christine Evans and Ru MacDonagh. He developed the Urolink Basic Urology Skills workshop especially relevant to Africa and successfully delivered this in Tanzania, Zambia, and Cameroon. Jaimin joined the urology faculty on the ASGBI Management of Surgical Emergencies workshops in Ethiopia and Zambia and was Urolink lead for Zambia between 2010 and 2016; during this time he facilitated bilateral visits for Zambian and UK trainees. He was also instrumental in introducing simulation training for TURPs in Lusaka and Hawassa together with Shekhar Biyani. Currently, together with his colleagues, he is keen on forging sustainable inter-departmental links between Glasgow and Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi. He is a regular visitor to the  University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia, Monze Mission Hospital, Zambia and Hawassa Ethiopia. ... click here for email contact or here for Twitter

Dr Matthew Trail (BAUS Section of Trainees Rep)

Matt is a Urology Registrar training in the Scotland East deanery. During his registrar training, he assisted in developing and delivering a successful laparoscopic urology workshop in Dakar, Senegal which has since been awarded accreditation from RCSEd. He has continued to pursue his passion for enhancing access to urological training for fellow trainees in sub-Saharan Africa by providing remote webinar teaching sessions. This has been developed during the COVID-19 pandemic for local trainees in Senegal and further afield. Matt aims to use his role to raise awareness of Urolink projects and to encourage UK-based trainees to take advantage of the opportunities from exposure to healthcare and urological training in LMICs ... click here for email contact or here for Twitter

Mr Shekhar Biyani (Equipment Lead)

Shekhar is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds with expertise in stone disease and laparoscopy. He trained in general surgery in India,  undertook urology training in the UK and completed an MSc in Medical and Healthcare simulation. He is a keen surgical trainer, and has delivered courses in the UK, Africa and Europe. He was instrumental in developing National Urology Simulation Boot Camp for urology trainees and is co-Lead for the Cadaveric Simulation Centre (CADSIM) at the University of Leeds. Shekhar has delivered seven skills training sessions on the Management of Surgical Emergencies in sub-Saharan Africa under the umbrella of ASGBI and Urolink. He was instrumental in developing the 2nd Urology Unit with endourology skills in Hawassa, Ethiopia and has trained local urologists in basic endourological skills. He has gained valuable experience in course delivery, assessment and expanded a new perspective on the teaching-and-learning process. He is a regular visitor to the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka and to Hawassa ... click here for email contact or here for Twitter

Ms Mary Brown (BAUS Co-opted Trustee)

Mary is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.  She is the Regional Representative for Scotland West, the current President of the Scottish Urological Society and was co-opted as a BAUS Trustee in 2019.  Mary has been involved in examining for the COSECSA MCS and FCS qualifications, with other Urolink members since 2017, and is keen to expand her interests in developing surgery in LMICs in light of that experience ... click here for email contact

Mr Tim O'Brien (BAUS President & Executive Member)

Tim O'Brien is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at Guy's & St Thomas's Hospital London. He has set up a one-stop diagnostic centre at Guy's, contributed to numerous clinical trials and has been Chair of the Section of Oncology. He was elected Vice President in 2018 and succeeded Duncan Summerton as President in 2020, without election ... click here for email contact or here for Twitter

Mr Zeeshan Aslam (Member) 

Zeeshan is Consultant Urologist at Ninewells Hospital Dundee who specializes in Renal Cancer management. He contributed, as the trainee Rep on Urolink between 2015-18, and was a trainer at 3 different LUT Endoscopy workshops in Ethiopia then. Zeeshan has regularly guided local trainees remotely from the UK about audit work, data collection and analysis, and contributed COSECSA FCS part 1 MCQ questions. He also leads on two international projects on hands on laparoscopy training and simulation courses at: Hospital General Idrissa Pouye, Senegal. Zeeshan is involved in facilitating widespread uptake of Urological laparoscopy in Pakistan in collaboration with Agha Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute, Lahore and Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he has regularly organised webinars in collaboration with PAUSA, ASU (Senegal), Dakar University (Senegal), PAUS (Pakistan) and JFK Hospital (Liberia). Zeeshan supports the overhaul of the healthcare systems in LMICs at grass-roots level, and is currently studying for a Masters in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to achieve his long-term goals ... click here for email contact or here for Twitter

Mr Nick Campain (Member)

Nick has recently completed training in the South-West deanery and will take up a Consultant post at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital after completing further fellowship training. He first visited Zambia in 2005 as a medical student to undertake research and spent further periods abroad as an undergraduate in Zambia and Kenya. After completing foundation training he spent a year working for Health Improvement Project Zanzibar (HIPZ) in 2010. He then undertook a BJUI/BAUS Urolink fellowship in 2013 which involved visiting link centres, assisting with the delivery of Management of Surgical Emergencies courses and undertaking research to inform the Urolink committee. He has co-published the results of surveys of urological opinion on global healthcare as well as a number of other Urolink papers. He was Urolink's Honorary Secretary between 2015 and 2020 and  has undertaken several visits to University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka and Hawassa Referral Hospital, Ethiopia during his registrar training ... click here for email contact or here for Twitter

Mr Aasem Chaudry (Member)

Aasem undertook basic surgical training in Pakistan & the UK, and specialist training in urology in Yorkshire and London. This was completed at the Institute of Urology London in 1994. From 1996 to 2006, he worked as a Consultant Urologist in tertiary care settings in Pakistan. His speciality interests are stone disease, prostate cancer, minimally-invasiver therapy for BPH & andrology ... click here for email contact

Mr Adam Jones (Member)

Adam is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. He and his family have been regular visitors to Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda, one of the smaller Urolink centres in sub-Saharan Africa.  Adam and his team run one or two TURP camps a year, to train local surgeons and treat patients, with each camp having 30 - 40 patients. ... click here for email contact

Mr Graham Watson (Member & MediTech Trust)

Graham is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at Eastbourne District General Hospital. He is founder, trustee and Chair of the MediTech Trust which provides medical equipment to hospitals both at home and abroad ... click here for email contact

Ms Patricia Hagan (Urolink Administrator)

Tricia is the Deputy Chief Executive of BAUS. She is responsible for all the BAUS Sections (including Urolink), finance, membership, information technology and CEA awards ... click here for email contact

Ms Hannah Doyle (Urolink Administrator)

Hannah is the Project and Programme Co-ordinator at BAUS, and works alongside Patricia Hagan on Urolink matters. Please contact Hannah for any queries about Urolink. ... click here for email contact