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BAUS has launched four groups of webinars, each with a different educational lead, to help meet education needs across the whole spectrum of BAUS membership.

Brief details of each series, and a provisional list of scheduled webinars for each, can be seen by clicking on the appropriate dropdown header below.

Each webinar will last approximately 1 hour.  Attendees will be able to log into their account and view a recording after the event - we aim to upload recordings within 3 working days of the event.

Click here to listen to a 30-minute podcast, chaired by Tim O'Brien, President of BAUS, with the clinical leads explaining their aims for each webinar group.

The list of webinars will be updated as session dates are confirmed.  Follow us on
LinkedIn and Twitter for details of new webinars as registrations become available.
In the meantime, please "save the date" for those webinars you wish to attend

1. Controversies in Urology (Educational lead: Sunjay Jain)

Introduction by Sunjay Jain, Consultant Urological Surgeon, St James's University Hospital, Leeds

Busy clinicians need access to the latest information to help with best management of their patients, but they often don't have much time to keep up-to-date. The controversies series aims to update topical subjects in an engaging way. A variety of formats will be used, including expert viewpoints, debates and case discussions. The priorities in planning this series have always been to cover areas that will appeal to all urologists, whatever setting they work in, and to ensure high-quality by inviting recognised leaders, both British and international, in their field."

Date of webinar Time Title & programme details Link
Mon 21 Sep 2020 19:00hr The future of prostate cancer screening
Primum non nocere - a medical dictum that embodies the controversy around screening for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the commonest male cancer in the UK, and this webinar brings together three of the biggest names in this subject to discuss recent developments, including the impact of pre-biopsy MRI on the screening paradigm

Contributors: Peter Albertsen, Freddie Hamdy & Mark Emberton
Tue 20 Oct 2020 19:00hr Controversies in imaging: complex renal cysts & incidentalomas
This webinar will consider common problems that urologists have with interpreting the results of a scan. First, the complex renal cyst: what is the significance and what to tell the patient? Second, the thorny issue of incidental findings on urological scans.

Contributors: Matthew Davenport, Susan Willis, Jo Cresswell
Wed 18 Nov 2020 19:00hr New operations for LUTS: "hype or hope ..."
Several, new, minimally-invasive treatments for LUTS/BPH have come to market in the last few years. They have created intense interest, due to their potential to replace TURP, but many surgeons feel we have been here before and they will not have longevity. Recent focus on the safety of implanted materials is also relevant.

Contributors: Richard Hindley, Mark Rochester, Rachel Morrison
Mon 14 Dec 2020 19:30hr Urinary infections: "a world beyond nitro ..."
Urinary infection is a huge part of urological practice and many of our treatment strategies require updating. This session will explore how new approaches may help to cater for this challenging problem.

Contributors: Rhana Zakri, Ian Eardley

2. Specialist Trainees (Educational lead: Hari Ratan)

Introduction by Hari Ratan, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Nottingham University Hospital:  

There has been a seismic shift in the delivery of national & regional training this year, and BAUS has led the way in developing on-line teaching for urology trainees. We are delighted to continue to offer high-quality, interactive webinars for all BAUS members. These webinars will seek to cover a broad spectrum of the urology specialist training curriculum, and will feature experts in urology from around the UK. There will be a variety of formats, including case-based discussions, debates & evidence reviews. The teaching will be geared to those preparing the the FRCS Urol exam, but will be of value to trainees of any level."

Date of webinar Time Title & programme details Link
Wed 23 Sep 2020 20:00hr Metabolic stone disease
Urolithiasis is an increasingly prevalent worldwide disease with recurrence rates up to 50% over 5 years.  Metabolic assessment to identify predisposing factors and prevention thereafter play an important role in patient management.  This webinar will address common findings on dietary and metabolic workup, and highlight the medical and non-medical treatment options for these metabolic abnormalities in the prevention of stone recurrence. The goal of the webinar is for participants to:
  • Identify patients that would benefit from metabolic workup;
  • Interpret standard metabolic workup, including dietary and medical history and biochemical analyses;
  • Understand what the guidelines say on targeted medical treatment for prevention of urinary stone disease;
  • Understand the influence of dietary changes on metabolic urinary values; and
  • Provide dietary counselling.

Contributors: Oliver Wiseman, Sharon Scriven

Wed 7 Oct 2020 20:00hr Hydronephrosis in children
Details coming soon ...

Contributors: Alun Williams
Nov 2020 (TBC) TBC Prostate cancer screening & early diagnosis
Details coming soon ...

Contributors: Raj Pal & Jonathan Aning
Dec 2020 (TBC) TBC Andrology
Details coming soon ...

Contributors: Arie Parnham (and colleagues from Manchester)

3. FY / CT Doctors (Educational lead: Anna O'Riordan)

Introduction by Anna O'Riordan, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne: 

This series of webinars is intended to support knowledge and comprehension for those at core training level. It is designed to complement the BAUS Core Urology Course, covering areas such as anatomy and pharmacology for urologists, as well as consolidating practice in other key areas (e.g. LUTS assessment). We expect that these educational sessions will build core trainee confidence in the day-to-day management of patients, as well as stimulating reflective practice & self-directed learning."

Date of webinar Time Title & programme details Link
Wed 2 Dec 2020 18:00hr Practical anatomy for urologists
Details coming soon ...

Contributors: Rajan Veeratterapillay
Mon 7 Dec 2020 19:00hr Acute scrotal and foreskin pathologies
Details coming soon ...

Contributors: Andy Moon
Tues 15 Dec 2020 19:00hr Urological drugs - all you need to know!
Details coming soon ...

Contributors: Simon Morton
Thu 21 Jan 2020 19:00hr Diagnosis & management of PUJ obstruction
Details coming soon ...

Contributors: awaited ...

4. Industry-focused (Educational lead: Oliver Wiseman) 

Introduction by Oliver Wiseman, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge:

We are delighted to announce the launch of our BAUS, industry-sponsored, webinar series. The series aims to give companies a channel through which they can showcase their latest technology, techniques and products (or evidence related to them) directly with our members, especially where face to face education and congresses have been severely restricted. This, in turn, will allow our members to stay at the forefront of developments within our rapidly-changing speciality.

"There are numerous launches of new technologies that companies will be excited to share, together with new evidence relating to existing treatments. Sadly, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal fora for members to find out about these advances have not been available, so BAUS sees these webinars as a great way to compensate for this.

"We will be running one webinar each month, starting in September 2020. Some will be supported by an individual company, and will likely be related to a particular technology, therapy area or patient pathway. Others will be head-to-head, with the chance to look at different treatments and their place in the management of a particular condition, such as minimally invasive BPH treatments or laser technologies. We hope that BAUS members will see this as an exciting opportunity to stay up-to-date with advances in our speciality, and we look forward to your involvement & feedback."

Date of webinar Time Title & programme details Link
TBA 2020 TBA Title awaited
Details coming soon ...

Contributors: awaited

We have now implemented a system that automatically differentiates between member & non-member registrations; members will not pay a registration fee, but non-members will be asked for payment