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Faculty Membership

If you are interested in helping to develop urological services in resource-poor settings, Urolink is interested in hearing from you. 

Urolink encourages anyone from the UK interested in working within the urological environment, in low-income settings, to become a member of the organisation. We also encourage our urological colleagues from overseas to become members of the Urolink faculty, to help facilitate developments in international co-operation.

Your interest may be from the perspective of a urologist from a High Income Country (HIC) wanting to help colleagues abroad, a urologist from a Low , or Low Middle, Income Country (LMIC) who needs assistance, or as a clinician or organisation involved in the provision of some aspect of healthcare outside of the UK. Urolink has fostered links with both technology and pharmaceutical industries, and encourages ongoing collaboration from all interested individuals.

Urolink sends out a newsletter to all members. being a member of the Urolink faculty enables us to keep you informed about new developments and opportunities, but doesn't commit you to active participation.  If you are interested in setting up new educational links, Urolink can assist and advise you from both a UK and overseas perspective.

If you have a specific request for assistance, if you would like to advertise opportunities, or if you wish to become a faculty member, please email us.

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