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We have no staff vacancies at the present moment

Anne Bishop (Chief Executive)

Anne Bishop was appointed as CEO of BAUS in 2006. Her main responsibilities at BAUS include Trustees & Council, governance, the BAUS Education Committee, JCU Editorial Board, Clinical Excellence Awards (CEAs), and human resources (HR)

Patricia Hagan (Deputy Chief Executive)

Tricia Hagan was appointed as Deputy CEO in 2007. Her main responsibilities are in administration of the BAUS Sections, financial matters, membership applications & administration, data protection & information governance

Hannah Doyle (Events Manager)

Hannah joined the team in 2009. Her main responsibilities are the BAUS Annual Scientific meeting, the various section meetings and the BAUS medals, awards & prizes

Hannah is currently on maternity leave.

Sarah Fowler (Data & Audit Manager)

Sarah manages all the BAUS audit databases. She works with Patricia Hagan & Louisa Hermans on data & audit quality, and on the Consultant Outcomes Publication (COP) programme

Harry Heald (Events Co-ordinator)

Harry joined the team in 2015. He works with Hannah Doyle on all BAUS events and helps to co-ordinate the "FRCS (Urol) Revision" & "Introduction to Urology" courses

Louisa Hermans (Programme Manager)

Louisa joined the team in 2015. Her main responsibilities are the Consultant Outcomes Publication (COP) programme, the BAUS Education Committee and BAUS Regional Council Activities

Linda Sizer (Finance Manager)

Linda joined the team in 2013. She works three days each week and her main responsibilities are general financial accounting and BAUS membership subscriptions

Judith Mitchell (Executive Assistant)

Judith joined the team in September 2018. She works with the Chief Executive & President on BAUS Council & Trustee matters, membership applications, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) applications, workforce data and the Journal of Clinical Urology (through its Editorial Board)

Beverly Tomkins (Committee Coordinator & Administrator)

Beverly joined the team in 2019. She works with the Chief Executive & other BAUS staff to coordinate and administer Committee meetings