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Urolink represents BAUS in Low & Middle Income Countries (LMICs)

Urolink visits are now back in full swing. We will be advertising when trips are going to take place in this section, so keep watching! Click here to contact us if you wish to volunteer for any of our overseas trips, or help in any other way to support Urolink's objectives

Latest news from Urolink ...

May 2024. Urolink is delighted to announce the 2024/25 TUF/Urolink travel fellowships. Four awards, each attracting a £1,500 bursary towards the cost of travel, and a period of time in a Urolink recognised centre are available for UK trainees who are members of BAUS. The SAC supports this initiative. In 2024/25 fellows will be involved in ongoing projects across sub-Saharan Africa including endo-urology, uro-gynae and reconstructive urology. Go to the TUF funding page here for further detail, or find the application form here. The closing date is 10 am on 21st June. Successful applicants will be announced at the Urolink meeting at BAUS in Birmingham on 25th June.

May 2024. Suzie Venn will be chairing the Urolink session at the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting on Tuesday 25th June, 1400-1500 in Hall 11a at the ICC in Birmingham. We hope you will all make a date for your diaries! The speakers, and topics, are:


Dr Mumba Chalwe Kaja, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Ndola Teaching Hospital, Zambia. President of Women in Surgery Africa (WISA).
Opportunities for advancing surgical practice in the global south - the WISA experience.

Ala’a Sharaf - Cambridge
Meditech Urogynae Workshop in Malawi.

Wilson To – London and Rory Ferguson – Southwest Deanery
TUF fellowship experience at KCMC, Moshi, Tanzania.

May 2024. Read the reports of 3 of the 2023 TUF/Urolink Fellows visits to KCMC in Moshi, Tanzania. Wilson To (post CCT Fellow) experienced a complex trans-national reconstructive workshop there in November of last year, whilst Katie Brodie (ST7) and Rory Ferguson (ST4) were able to demonstrate the differential benefits of giving teaching experience outside of the UK at different stages in their UK urological training. Dani Whiting, the 4th 2023 Fellow, is going out to KCMC in a few months to help initiate the endo-urological Urolink collaborative project being funded by the BJUI over the next 3 years.

April 2024. Read Shekhar Biyani's scoping visit to Mengo Hospital in Kampala, Uganda with the Friends of Mengo Hospital Committee, a group from various disciplines based around the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT) . Shekhar and his colleagues made great progress in this faith-based hospital in Uganda's capital with solid discussions with a very receptive management team and medical director. There certainly is plenty of latitude for collaboration in setting up basic endoscopic services, and scope for a  link, between Mengo and Urolink!

April 2024. Read about the visit to HUCSH in Hawassa made in conjunction with Urolink by Dr. Pedro Campillo (Hospital Universitario del Vinalopo, Elche, Alicante, Spain) to help our colleagues there come up to speed with minimally invasive stone surgery, something the centre has long aspired to. Despite the difficulties with getting the CT arm, and equipment we expect in HIC, required for MI stone surgery, a huge amount was accomplished. During 13 theatre sessions, over 3 weeks, 14 PCNLs and 13 URSs were performed.

March 2024. Read 'What the Urology Foundation does for urological trainees - Global urology' in TUF's Urology Matters spring 2024 issue. In this Steve Payne showcases how TUF fellowships have helped a number of urological trainees experience the healthcare environment of Urolink's associates in sub-Saharan Africa. This article helps those without an understanding of what the benefits from working in low resource environments are, and how they help UK-trained urologists in their future careers. Thanks, TUF, for giving us this opportunity.


You may also be interested in ...

Listening to Nick Campain interviewing Ru MacDonagh about how he became involved with Urolink, his first experiences of working in Africa, and how this developed into a career-long association with the continent. In, Urolink and me. Setting up the HIPZ charity, Ru explains how his association with Mohamed Jidawi in Zanzibar led to the setting up the Health Improvement Zanzibar (HIPZ) charity in 2006, and how this was the impetus to becoming a leader in Zanzibarian healthcare.

Reading Steve Payne's editorial in the BJUI "What is different about urology in low-middle income countries?" This summarizes the differences in needs, disease, education, treatments and access to care between high and low, low-middle income countries, drawing on the contents of the 12 papers published by the BJUI during 2022. This series of papers can be  found on the Publications page. 

Hearing Neville Harrison, the first Chair of Urolink, talking to Steve Payne in March 2021. This podcast tells us about how Neville first came under Africa's spell, his role in the setting up of Urolink in the 1980's, and who helped him achieve the first sustainable link to KCMC in Tanzania. A fascinating retrospective, as Urolink celebrates it's thirtieth birthday! 

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