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Urolink represents BAUS in Low & Middle Income Countries (LMICs)


Urolink visits are now starting up after the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to be able to advertise when these trips are going to take place from this site, so keep watching! Contact us if you would like to volunteer for any of our overseas trips, or to help in any other way.



July 2022.  Read Paul Anderson, Steve Payne and Suzie Venn's visit report of the Lilongwe, Malawi Reconstruction 'Camp' in  June 2022. The trio spent a very productive week at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) to help Charles Mabedi with complex posterior urethroplasty, as well as a number of other reconstructive issues. KCH is a large hospital in a country with Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and has a massive patient load. There are plans to substantially enlarge the urology department's activity there.
June 2022. Watch the Male factor infertility webinar, presented and moderated by Patrick Gordon and Mumba Chalwe on 27 May 2022. Mulenga Kabwe presented a case of azoospermia from Ndola, and Dr Chalwe explained the difficulties there were in managing such cases in the Zambian healthcare economy. Patrick then presented the conventional management of obstructive azoospermia in high income countries, emphasising the importance of step-wise investigation and the role of genetic testing before proceding to any attempt to retrieve sperm for use with IVF. There was a fascinating discussion between Mumba and Patrick about schistosomiasis and tuberculosis as potential causes of male factor infertility. Other videos in the trainee series can be accessed via the Webinar archive tab on the Urolink Learning Resources page.
June 2022. The paper 'The feasibility of endourological surgery in low-resource settings' by Graham Watson, Lamine Niang, Srinath Chandresekhar, Gilles Natchagande and Steve Payne is available online and can be viewed here. This paper addresses how upper and lower tract endoscopic surgery can be taught, and managed sustainably, in LMICs. We look forward to pre-publication release of the eighth article by Steve Payne and colleagues about male urethral stricture disease. This highlights what is different from stricture management in HICS and why management guidelines are challenging in low-income countries; this will be published in August 2022. Other articles in this series can be accessed under the Urolink members' publications tab on the Publications, Presentations and Social Media page.

May 2022. TUF is very pleased to announce the award of three travel Fellowships for 2022/23, in conjunction with BAUS Urolink. Simon Huf from Reading, Angus Luk from Newscastle, and Matt Trail from Edinburgh have all been awarded a Fellowship with a £1,500 bursary towards the cost of travel, and a period of time in a Urolink recognised centre. The award is designed to enable senior trainees to experience working in Low or Middle income Country (LMIC) environments. Congratulations to them all and we look forward to hearing about their trips in due course!

May 2022. THET announces that on June 15th the eight-part NHS Going Global training series will begin, running from 3-4pm (BST) every Wednesday until 3rd August. From exploring the opportunities available, to understanding how to capture the learning gained whilst volunteering, this initiative is a fantastic place for UK health workers to begin their global health journey! The programme for the series can be viewed here and registration for the webinars can be accessed by clicking here.


Listening to Neville Harrison, the first Chair of Urolink, talking to Steve Payne in March 2021. This podcast tells us about how Neville first came under Africa's spell, his role in the setting up of Urolink in the 1980's, and who helped him achieve the first sustainable link to KCMC in Tanzania. A fascinating retrospective, as Urolink celebrates it's thirtieth birthday!
Listening to the Podcast , from August 2020, when Tim O'Brien (President of BAUS) talked to Suzie Venn, Nick Campain and Charles Mabedi about Urolink's activities in sub-Saharan Africa.
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