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Urolink represents BAUS in Low & Middle Income Countries (LMICs)


Due to the ongoing COVID19-related travel restrictions, all
Urolink visits to centres abroad are currently suspended 

Urolink continues to support its project sites remotely and aims to
continue providing, where possible, any other assistance required



January 2022. Watch the Penile emergencies Webinar between Lusaka and Scotland moderated by Mr Feras Al Jaafari on 27th January 2022. Dr Lupinda, from UTH in Lusaka, Zambia and Katie Brodie discuss the different management options in cases of priapism and penile fracture.  The interesting difference was the frequency of priapism in sub-Saharan Africa by comparison to the UK, most of which is related to sickle cell disease (SCD). Approaches to penile fracture were also widely discussed, and the benefits from a longitudinal ventral penile incision were widely debated. Other videos in the trainee series can be accessed via the Webinar archive tab on the Learning Resources page.
January 2022. The Endourological Society is now accepting applications for the “Ashutosh Tewari – Ali R. Kural Membership Award” Membership Initiative. The society and its leadership are committed to increasing membership by embracing diversity and inclusiveness across the globe. Recipients of this award will pay a reduced membership fee of $100.00 for the first year of membership.  The second year will be paid for by the Endourological Society through this fund. Click here to access the application form or contact Michelle at the Endourology Society about the fund.
January 2022. Click here to read the paper from members of the COSECSA executive about its strategic plan: "The impact of COSECSA in developing the surgical workforce in East Central and Southern Africa". This discusses how it aims not only to increase the surgical workforce in the region but also to modernise its training programmes and strengthen its governance structures. The article gives a detailed description of the history of the organisation and how it has devloped into the flourishing corporate body it now is. The "COSECSA strategic plan 2021-2025" can also be accessed by clicking here.
January 2022. Click here to read Steve Payne's editorial in the January 2022 edition of the BJUI entitled "Global Urology, Urolink, and the BJUI". This is a foreword to the 12 articles commissioned by the BJUI about Urolink's activites over the last 20 years. The first article, written by Steve Payne and Mumba Chalwe,  "Understanding the needs of low-income countries: how urologists can help" can be read by clicking here, and concentrates on defining where help is needed, and how it may be provided. The articles will be published monthly during 2022, and we hope you enjoy reading them.
December 2021. Click here to read the pre-publication release of: "Establishing A Sustainable Healthcare Environment in Low- And Middle-Income Countries", written by Zeeshan Aslam, Matt Trail,  Ayun Cassell, Abdul Khan and Steve Payne. This is the second article in this Urolink/BJUI series addressing the issues that may be barriers to providing a sustainable environment. This paper will be published in full in the February 2022 issue of the BJUI. We look forward to the third article by Nick Campain and colleagues about cultural and logistic issues, to be published in March 2022
December 2021. TUF is pleased to announce that another four Fellowships have been established to enable senior trainees to experience working in Low or Middle income (LMIC) environments in 2022. Click here for further details.

Each Fellowship attracts a bursary of £1500 towards the cost of travel, and a period of time in a Urolink recognised centre. 
It is anticipated that trainees who have completed their FRCS (Urol) will apply for these posts, and it is expected that the successful applicants will accompany established workshop teams in the first instance, staying to work in that centre (or those centres) for an unspecified time after the team’s departure.

The SAC supports this initiative, which it feels should not detract from the timing of an individual’s CCT, dependent upon the length of time out of UK training. Download the application form here; closing date 17:00hr on 31 Mar 2022.


Listening to Neville Harrison, the first Chair of Urolink, talking to Steve Payne in March 2021. This podcast tells us about how Neville first came under Africa's spell, his role in the setting up of Urolink in the 1980's, and who helped him achieve the first sustainable link to KCMC in Tanzania. A fascinating retrospective, as Urolink celebrates it's thirtieth birthday!
Listening to the Podcast , from August 2020, when Tim O'Brien (President of BAUS) talked to Suzie Venn, Nick Campain and Charles Mabedi about Urolink's activities in sub-Saharan Africa.
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