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About Urolink

(timeline, aims & donations)



An initial proposal was put forward by some members of BAUS to form a "Tropical Urology Society", either as a separate organisation or as part of BAUS itself


BAUS proposed the establishment of links with the Association of Surgeons of East Africa (now incorporated into COSECSA). During his term of office as President of BAUS, the late Professor John Blandy (pictured) invited suggestions for providing assistance to the "third world"


The late Professor Geoffrey Chisholm (pictured) facilitated a "Tropical / Third World Meeting" during his tenure as President of BAUS. As a rresult of this meeting, it was agreed that BAUS members should be canvassed about the setting up of a new section which would be known as "Urolink"


A working party was formed to launch the proposed new "society". Following this, the concept of Urolink was adopted, its constitution agreed, and its eventual aims defined under the chairmanship of Mr Neville Harrison (see below)


Urolink became a sub-Committee of BAUS. It was agreed that at least one of the BAUS Trustees would attend all Urolink Committee meetings (of which there are usually two each year)


UROLINK: a model for working together in a changing world was published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI). It was written by Neville Harrison (pictured), former Consultant Urological Surgeon in Brighton and Founder Chair of Urolink 


Christine Evans (pictured) submitted her final report - a visit to Iraqi Kurdistan. Christine was involved in many Urolink-sponsored visits to centres throughout the "third world".  She prepared most of the original advice & documentation about working abroad, now published in amended form on this website

What next ?

Which direction should Urolink take in the future? We're always interested to hear your views, so let us have your suggestions by e-mail or through our contact page

Key Areas of Activity

Links Encouraging the establishment of links between individual departments & organisations
Visits Encouraging & facilitating professional visits to work with colleagues overseas
Training Supporting appropriate urological training of surgeons in their countries & in the UK
Equipment Assisting with the provision of books, journals & equipment where needed
Advising Providing BAUS Council with advice on matters relating particularly to the developing world

The Urological Basic Rights Charter

Urolink believes that all the supported units in sub-Saharan Africa (and smaller units elsewhere) should be able to achieve the following:

Retention of urine Early relief by urethral or suprapubic catheters
Haematuria Education and instigation of early diagnostic investigation
Urethral strictures Treatment by bouginage or visual urethrotomy, then self-catheterisation
Urethral trauma Safe initial management followed by referral for definitive treatment
Vesico-vaginal fistula Early surgical repair
Male circumcision Safe techniques
Penile cancer Early diagnosis & treatment

Sponsoring or Donating to Urolink

Sponsoring and supporting specific aspects within Urolink is something many organisations have already done:

TUF, BJUI & BAUS Support for all Urolink activities & sponsorship of specific link centres
Olympus KeyMed Donation of equipment to Urolink
SURG / BJUI Donation of specific travel prizes

Donations from individuals are always gratefully received, as are any legacies or bequests to help Urolink in its work. Urolink's funds are held within the charitable status of the British Association of Urological Surgeons Ltd and are distributed by the agreement of the committee at its biannual meetings.

If you wish to become a sponsor or make a donation to Urolink, please email Tricia Hagan.


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