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BAUS Statement on Equality

The core values of BAUS lie in the desire to promote the highest standard in the practice of urology, for the benefit of patients and members. 

As an Association, we understand that equality, diversity and inclusion are very important as we strive for excellence. Our members come from every walk of life and, therefore, to represent them effectively, so should we.

The Association recognises that inclusion is about the choices we make, the words we use and the actions that we take every day.  It is essential that our members are respectful and open to ideas, perspectives and outlooks different from their own. The Association expects all members to uphold this ethos in their interactions with patients and colleagues alike.

BAUS is well aware of the true benefits that equality, diversity and inclusion can bring. We recognise its positive effect on innovation, quality of care and the well-being of the workforce.  As such, the Association will ensure equality is at the core of future work that is carried out, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have in education, research and clinical excellence.

Following a discussion on equality, diversity and inclusion at the BAUS 2021 Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting, there was a commitment from BAUS and its Trustees to publish an action plan to support these concepts. This project is led by Ian Pearce, Vice-President of BAUS and Susan Willis; the plan ("Actions on Widening Participation: the original 10-Point Plan") can be accessed using the link below.

"Actions on Widening Participation"...

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