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BAUS 2021 Virtual


The theme for BAUS 2021 Virtual was "Global Urology" Conference catch-up sessions are still available to urologists and other healthcare practitioners who registered for the original... Read more

BAUS 2020 Incoming & Outgoing President's Addresses


Incoming President's Address Click the "Watch on YouTube" link at the bottom left of each video to view it in full-screen on YouTube. Tim O'Brien's summary of 2020 as Preidient of BAUS,... Read more



Double-click each video to watch in full-screen, high-res on BAUS TV. Alternatively, view the complete playlist of eight videos by clicking here Read more

BAUS 2020 AGUS Video Recordings


Click the blue "play" button to open each Vimeo video in a new browser window ANDROLOGY: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE The evolution of surgical andrology &... Read more

BAUS Virtual Scientific Meeting 2020


Content from the Virtual BAUS 2020 Scientific Meeting, held between 9 and 11 November 2020, can be viewed by using your existing link to the virtual meeting and then clicking on "Watch It Again" in... Read more