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As part of a BAUS Medical Student National Competition we are offering a prize of £250 and a certificate to each winner (first author) of a series of competitions to produce a video blog, podcast or other media production about a clinical topic covered in the Medical Student Urology Syllabus.

The competition will take place twice in each calendar year, starting in February / March 2018.

A maximum of two authors only, per entry, is permitted; the cash prize and prize certificate will be awarded to the first author only, who must be a medical student. The second author may be a Consultant or other qualified doctor who has supervised, or participated in, the submission

Medical students must be enrolled in a Medical School in the United Kingdom or in the Republic of Ireland (on the closing date for applications).

PLEASE NOTE: Students attending overseas medical schools are NOT eligible for this award.

Click here for further information about the prize, including opening/closing
dates, entry criteria, instructions for submission and some practical tips.

If suitable, the winning entries will be published on the BAUS website for a minimum period of 3 months. Examples of current BAUS urology video podcasts can be found by clicking here.

2018 Best Podcast Prizewinner

"Renal & Bladder Cancer"
by Danielle Wilkinson & Angus Hotchkies (University of Manchester)

2018 Best Podcast Runner-Up

"The Acute Paediatric Scrotum"
by Jack Gamble (Queen's Univerity, Belfast)