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From Mr Jon Aning - Chair of the BAUS Section of Oncology

"... an engaging exploration of the latest advances ..."

Welcome to BAUS 2024 in Birmingham! The Section of Oncology is thrilled to extend a warm invitation to all participants, promising an engaging exploration of the latest advancements in uro-oncological care. Our meticulously crafted program, led by a consortium of esteemed international and national experts, offers a captivating journey into the depths of uro-oncological practice.


The inaugural oncology session promises an immersive dive into the realm of uro-oncological surgery. Chaired by Amit Mevcha, Karen Fransis and Philip Charlesworth, esteemed speakers from around the world, and our own national experts will unveil ground-breaking techniques aimed at revolutionizing patient care. From Karen Fransis’s innovative robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy techniques to N Raghavan’s insights into augmented reality’s pivotal role in complex robotic partial nephrectomy, each presentation aims to inspire and inform. Bhaskar Somani will discuss expert techniques in the endoscopic management of Upper Tract Urothelial Cancers (UTUC), while BM Zeeshan Hameed will present En-Bloc Resection of Bladder Tumours using novel energy and non-energy sources. Campbell Tait will explore the evolving role of Transurethral Laser Ablation for Bladder Tumours, and Alistair Lamb will navigate the challenges of difficult Transperineal Prostate Biopsy, offering strategies for enhanced accuracy. Ashwin Sridhar will share points of technique in Robotic Intracorporeal Neobladders, aiming for optimal outcomes.

In the afternoon the discourse continues with sessions exploring synchronous pathologies in uro-oncology and navigating management challenges. The session is chaired by Nina Patrick, Gokul Kandaswamy and Elizabeth Bright. With insights from Param Mariappan, Alex Laird, Nikhil Vasdev, and Bill Cross, attendees can expect a comprehensive understanding of diagnostic and management strategies.

The final session on Monday will focus on “Navigating Urological Diagnostic Challenges: Strategies and Innovations” Facilitated by Mr. Ben Ayres and Karen Fransis, this session will guide participants through the intricate landscape of diagnostic hurdles encountered in urological oncology. Esteemed experts including Joe Philip, Benjamin Lamb, Asif Muneer, and Maxine Tran will contribute to this session.


Tuesday promises to be a bustling day for uro-oncology, featuring four exhilarating sessions. We commence with a “Fresh Off the Press” session, dedicated to exploring the most recent advancements and trial outcomes in the field. This session will be chaired by our national experts: Rakesh Heer, Grant Stewart and Caroline Moore. From the shifting paradigms in metastatic urothelial cancers, as presented by Thomas Powles, to the latest updates on NMIBC EAU guidelines, led by Paolo Gontero, attendees will be kept informed about the continuously evolving landscape of urological oncology. Alison Tree will delve into the updates from the PACE trial, while Prasanna Sooriakumran will address the necessity for a UK-based trial assessing the role of radical prostatectomy in metastatic prostate cancer. I will provide insights into the ongoing I-DUNC Audit.

The second oncology session addresses the holistic needs of individuals with urological cancer, exploring end-of-life care pathways and mitigating treatment-related regret. Chaired by Murthy Kusuma, Helena Burden, and Mary Brown, expert speakers include Christopher Wallis, Kerem Atalar, and Alice Hartley.

At 15:30 to 16:30, a virtual multidisciplinary session moderated by Vijay Ramani and Tom Walton will replicate real-life practice with expert panellists.

The final session culminates with thought-provoking discussions on resilience and sustainability in complex uro-oncological procedures, chaired by Edgar Paez, Jon Aning, and Elizabeth Bright.


The final day features a session titled “Controversies in Uro-Oncology”, with presentations and discussions on various contentious topics in the field. Chaired by Vish Hanchanale, Jo Creswell, and Jim Armitage, this session will address updates on prostate cancer screening by Hashim Ahmad, the role of lymph node dissection for high-risk renal cell carcinomas by Axel Bex, the ongoing debate surrounding pelvic lymph node dissection in prostate cancer by Krishna Narahari, management of persistent low-grade bladder recurrences despite previous intravesical therapy with MMC and BCG by Paolo Gontero, and whether molecular imaging should replace conventional imaging in the staging of advanced urothelial cancer by Prashanth Patel. The session will conclude with Jose Karam’s presentation on screening for cytoreductive nephrectomy in patients with metastatic renal cancer.

The final oncology session is joint session between section FNUU and Oncology chaired by Vishwanath Hanchanale and Hazel Ecclestone. In this joint session, members from Section FNUU and Oncology convene to deliberate on the optimal surgical approach for radical cystectomy, discuss real-life scenarios in a Complication MDT, Incontinent Diversions and Continent Catheterizable Channels.

This year, we’re proud to host several exceptional poster sessions, celebrating our excellence. We encourage you to visit these sessions, which are likely to be dominated by our talented trainees showcasing their latest research and findings.

Finally, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed international speakers for their invaluable contributions to our program: Paolo Gontero, Karin Fransis, Christopher Wallis, and Jose Karam. Their expertise and insights enrich our conference, and we’re honoured to have them join us.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy the uro-oncology sessions we’ve meticulously developed, and we look forward to a rewarding and enlightening experience together.