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Learning Resources

Education is one of Urolink's stated aims. Electronic communication has made the bi-directional sharing of educational resources much easier.

This page seeks to help provide material from webinars and other open access sources that may be helpful wherever, and whenever, anyone has the time to access it. 

Scheduled Webinars

Mike Ng from Exeter (UK) has initiated a series of educational tutorial webinars with Urolink Executive member Nick Campain. Initially, these have taken place between various UK training sites and the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Lusaka; wider involvement is anticipated as the series develops. The sessions consist of a 20 minute presentation, followed by 10 minutes of discussion, of a case from both the UK and UTH. Recordings of topics that have already been covered can be viewed using the links in the Webinar Archive below. Each is about an hour long. It is really important that we gain feedback from this first series, so please complete the questionnaire about the Webinar when prompted.

PLEASE NOTE: these are tutorial presentations that are trainee led with senior moderation; their focus is on discussing approaches to managing clinical scenarios in differing healthcare settings.

If you wish to participate in a live event, please email Mike Ng so that the Zoom link(s) can be sent on to you in advance of the chosen webinar. For those of you who haven't been involved with a Zoom webinar previously, you may find this user guide helpful to navigate your way around Zoom's common functions.

   27 May 2021 14:00 BST
15.00 CAT
Posterior urethral valves Dr Kachacha/Ms Please
Prof Ram Subramanian
24 Jun 2021 14:00 BST
15:00 CAT
Fournier's gangrene Dr Shabuwa/Mr Folkard                         Mr Mark Speakman
29 Jul 2021 14:00 BST
15.00 CAT
Prostate cancer Dr Siame/Mr John                                     Mr Jaimin Bhatt

End of Phase 1 Programme

Webinar Archive

Videos from the webinar series are all about an hour long, and are stored as Vimeo files: they play in a separate window. Click on the LINK icons in right column of the table below to access the content:

26 Nov 2020

 Bladder cancer - Dr Chamileke / Mr Ng                     Moderator: Mr Jaimin Bhatt

24 Dec 2020

 Penile cancer - Dr Masebo / Mr Sahdev                     Moderator: Mr Adi Manjunath

28 Jan 2021  Undescended testis - Dr Mutana / Miss Brodie        Moderator: Mr Michael Ng
25 Feb 2021

 Testicular torsion - Dr Soko / Mr Folkard                  Moderator: Mr Ian Rudd

25 Mar 2021

 Urethral trauma - Dr ObengMr Ng                         Moderator: Mr Steve Payne

29 Apr 2021

Hypospadias - Dr Obeng/Mr Gray                                Moderator: Mr Nenad Spasojevic

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