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Funding Opportunities

There are a number of funding sources available as travel grants which are listed below.

Applications for Urolink travel grants are normally considered at the twice yearly Executive Committee meetings; in exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the Chair and Treasurer, an application may be considered between those meetings. 

Professional Group Reasons for applying for a Urolink Grant
UK - Medical students    When considering a "urological" elective period abroad with some time spent with, or at, a Urolink team or workshop.
UK- Core and specialty trainees To accompany a Urolink team, or for a longer period of voluntary work overseas at a designated link centre. TUF awards for this purpose are specifically designed for senior UK-based ST trainees, ideally those post-exam and before taking up Consultant posts.
UK - New consultants
UK - Established consultants

UK - Retired consultants
For an overseas visit as part of a team, or to forge new links with a department abroad which has been previously sanctioned by the Urolink committee.
Overseas – Trainees For educational trips to UK or European meetings or to the COSECSA annual meeting if making a presentation.
Overseas – Consultants If invited as a speaker to the BAUS Annual Meeting.

Click here for a grant application form, or here to download one of the application forms for the TUF Overseas Travel awards. Please note these awards are only open to UK-based trainees.

All recipients of funding are asked to submit a report of their visit, please download the visit report template.and download the BAUS Expenses Claim Form.

Award winners

2021 TUF/Urolink awards - Nish Bedi (London), Patrick Gordon (Leeds) and Su-Minn Lee (Taunton)

2022 TUF/Urolink awards - Simon Huf (Reading), Angus Luk (Newscastle) and Matt Trail (Edinburgh)


Other sources of funding for experience abroad

There are many other awards, prizes and bursaries available to support educational work overseas. Funds may also available through local hospitals, and community-based organisations. Pharmaceutical and industry colleagues have supported educational activities in the past and might usefully be approached.

Individual organisations may also be able to help, and should be contacted directly regarding available funding and the timing of any application process. A selection of organisations which can offer help with funding for overseas educational visits can be found in the websites link below:

The Urology

BMA Humanitarian

Royal Society
of Medicine

Royal Society of Tropical
Medicine & Hygiene

Winston Churchill

Wellcome Trust
Pathfinder Awards

Department for
International Development

Tropical Health and Education Trust

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