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A list of subspecialty training slots compiled by the SAC

Subspecialty training is frequently undertaken in the final year of training. The directory below has been compiled by the SAC to enable trainees and trainers to identify suitable posts across the UK that provide comprehensive experience within which an individual can acquire appropriate exposure and develop their subspecialty interest.

Each Training Programme Director (TPD) was asked to submit details of posts within their region which they would consider suitable to rotate one of their senior trainees into should they wish to undergo subspecialty training.

Each region has specific strengths in regard to the subspecialisation offered and it is possible that a trainee may elect to organise out-of-region training, further to an agreement between TPDs.

The majority of these posts are funded within the regional training rotation as NTNs; the term "fellowships" has not, therefore, been used here since there are connotations of independent funding or of post-CCT training etc which may be confusing and unhelpful in the context of this document.

In future, there are plans to evaluate the data relating to these posts (including logbook activity), to initiate a comparative database and to assess the potential credentialling process.

Current list of available training slots

Region / Deanery Hospital Subspecialty Interest NTN
East Midlands Leicester General Female/Reconstruction/
  Nottingham City Stones Yes
  Nottingham City Upper tract laparoscopy Yes
  Nottingham City Pelvic laparoscopy Yes
East of England Addenbrooke's, Cambridge Renal cancer: lap + open + RPLND Yes
  Addenbrooke's, Cambridge Robotic prostatectomy No
  Addenbrooke's, Cambridge Bladder Cancer Yes
  Addenbrooke's, Cambridge Endourology Yes
  Addenbrooke's, Cambridge Paeds Urology No
  Norwich Stones Yes
  Norwich Female No
London North
(N Thames)
Royal Marsden Oncology Yes
  UCLH Andrology Yes
  UCLH Female/Reconstruction/
  UCLH Stones Yes
  Charing Cross Laparoscopy Yes
  Royal Free Laparoscopy and transplant Yes
  Great Ormond Street Paediatric Urology Yes
  Chelmsford Lap + Robotic No
London South
(S Thames)
Guy's Laparoscopy / Robot Yes
  Guy's Stones Yes
  King's Laparoscopy Yes
  Eastbourne Laparoscopy Yes
  Guildford Brachytherapy No
  Guildford Laparoscopy No
North East Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Paediatrics Yes
  Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Endourology Yes
  Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Female Urology Yes
  Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Oncology Yes
North West
(Merseyside & Cheshire)
Arrowe Park Hospital, Chester Prostate oncology Yes
  Royal Liverpool Oncology Yes
North West
Salford Royal Oncology No
  Christie Hospital, Manchester Oncology and robotics No
  Royal Preston Laparoscopy / Oncology No
  Stepping Hill Hospital Laparoscopy / Oncology No
  Manchester Childrens' Paediatric Urology  
Northern Ireland Belfast City Laparoscopic Oncology Yes
Scotland East Western General, Edinburgh Stones/Endourology No
  Western General, Edinburgh Laparoscopy Yes
  Western General, Edinburgh Female and Reconstruction Yes
  Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Endourology Yes
  Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Oncology / Laparoscopy  
Scotland West Gartnavel General, Glasgow Complex Renal Surgery/ Laparoscopy Yes
  Gartnavel General, Glasgow Pelvic Oncology/RPLND/
Penile cancer
  Gartnavel General, Glasgow Female and Reconstruction Yes
  Southern General, Glasgow Neurology/Reconstruction Yes
  Southern General, Glasgow Andrology Yes
  Southern General, Glasgow Endourology / Stones Yes
  Southern General, Glasgow Oncology / Laparoscopy Yes
  Wishaw Hospital Laparoscopy  
South Central (Oxford) Churchill Hospital Stones No
  Churchill Hospital Oncology / robotics Yes
  Churchill Hospital Endourology / laparoscopy Yes
  Royal Berkshire Hospital Oncology / robotics Yes
  Royal Berkshire Hospital Female / Reconstruction Yes
  Buckinghamshire Hospitals Oncology Yes
South Central (Wessex) Southampton / Portsmouth Oncology Yes
  Portsmouth Laparoscopy and endourology Yes
  Southampton / GOS Paediatric urology  
  Salisbury Neurourology Yes
South West Southmead, Bristol Oncology No
  Bath Laparoscopy No
  Southmead, Bristol Oncology/ Endourology No
  Cheltenham Oncology Yes
  Exeter / Plymouth Oncology Yes
  Plymouth Endourology & Andrology Yes
Wales Swansea Laparoscopy / Oncology / Female Yes
  Cardiff Oncology Yes
  Royal Glamorgan Andrology Yes
  Royal Gwent, Newport Laparoscopy / Endourology Yes
West Midlands Univ Hospital Birmingham Oncology Yes
  Univ Hospital North Staffs Oncology Yes
  Univ Hospital Birmingham Paediatric Urology  
Yorks & Humber
(Yorks & Humberside)
St James's, Leeds Endourology Yes
  St James's, Leeds Oncology Yes
  St James's, Leeds Female Urology Yes
  St James's, Leeds Paediatric Urology Yes
  York Female Urology Yes
  Pinderfields & Wakefield Oncology, Endourology Yes
Yorks & Humber
(South Yorks)
Hallamshire, Sheffield Oncology Yes
  Hallamshire, Sheffield Endourology Yes
  Hallamshire, Sheffield Andrology Yes
  Hallamshire, Sheffield Reconsruction Yes
  Doncaster Oncology  
  Doncaster Reconstruction  
  Rotherham Endourology  
  Chesterfield Endourology  
  Northern General, Sheffield Reconstruction