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There are many resources to be found on the web providing support for equality, diversity & inclusion (EDI).

Below are links to just a few of them, each with a brief description of who the site is intended for and what each site offers.

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British Association of Black Surgeons (BABS)

The British Association of Black Surgeons promotes equality, diversity and inclusion across the surgical field. Its aim is to foster long-term excellence for surgeons, students and patients through an active programme of shared learning, community and advocacy. The intention is to help build a more diverse, inclusive leadership across the UK’s surgical landscape that better serves its patients, whilst offering equity of opportunity for all.

British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO)

The British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin aims to support international medical graduates; it has grown in stature & influence to become one of the largest organisations of its type in the UK. It collaborates with all UK Healthcare stakeholders (including the General Medical Council,  Health Education England and the Royal Colleges) to monitor, highlight & address the difficulties faced by doctors and to ensure positive systems are in place to support healthcare workers.

Disabled Doctors' Network

This support network and website is aimed at chronically ill / disabled doctors, medical students, their colleagues, educators, trainers and anyone else requiring information or support regarding inclusion in the medical professions as a person with a chronic illness or disability. The network was originally formed through the GMC review of health and disability, and received administrative support from the GMC while developing their website; the group is not, however, affiliated with the GMC.

Make a Medic

Make a Medic is about addressing inequality ... it is a charitable, incorporated organisation that is run by a group of UK-based medical students and junior doctors. It provides affordable, high-quality educational resources for medical students and junior doctors, and uses the funds raised to support medical education & public health initiatives in low- and middle-income countries. 

Melanin Medics

Melanin Medics is a non-profit, charitable organisation for the present and future African & Caribbean doctor. Their focus is on supporting African & Caribbean aspiring medics, medical students and doctors in the UK who have faced a number of challenges on their career journeys. Melanin Medics has been focused to implement positive solutions that will help overcome under-representation and socio-economic barriers in medicine.

NHS BME Network

NHS BME Network is an independent network open to all Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people, including staff, patients, service users and carers. The Network provides BME people with:

  • an opportunity to bring about change in the NHS;
  • an opportunity for BME people to be heard;
  • access to better and more appropriate healthcare;
  • information and Interpretation of NHS Policy; and
  • access to a network of people of shared vision.

Pride in Surgery Forum (PRiSM)

The Pride in Surgery Forum is a group of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies working towards cultural change in surgery. Their mission is to:

  • develop a network of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies;
  • provide mentorship and pastoral support;
  • produce inclusive policies and guidance;
  • raise the visibility and profile of the surgical LGBTQ+ workforce; and
  • perform outreach work with medical students & trainees to encourage them to pursue a surgical career.

Women in Surgery (WinS)

Women in Surgery is a national initiative dedicated to encouraging, enabling and inspiring women to fulfil their surgical career ambitions. Clicking  the link provides access to an RCS Eng webpage that allows you to:

  • sign up for the Women in Surgery network;
  • get news & exclusive updates;
  • receive invitations to attend & participate in their events; and
  • gain full access to the WinS Directory.

PLEASE NOTE: BAUS is unable to accept any responsiblity for the content of external websites. If you know of any additional, external resources which might be of interest to BAUS members, please let us know by email

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