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BAUS has a long and impressive track record of data collection, beginning with the establishment of its cancer registries in 1998, through the Clinical Outcomes Programme, to its current collaboration with The National Consultant Information Programme (NCIP).

BAUS Snapshot Audits

From 2018 onwards, BAUS changed the emphasis of its audit programme, moving from collection of data in procedure-based registries to snapshot audits designed to evaluate the assessment and management of urological conditions and answer specific clinical questions.  They provide national data and customised unit level feedback to support best practice and quality improvement.

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The National Consultant Information Programme (NCIP)

NCIP has created an online portal that enables NHS Consultant Surgeons to review information about their clinical activity and their patient outcomes. BAUS has provided the clinical leadership and specialty expertise to co-develop the dashboards and metrics for urology in the portal, and urology is the vanguard surgical specialty for rollout to all NHS surgical units in England during 2021-22.

Finally ... an Historical Footnote About Audit

Audit of surgical activity is not a new concept to most surgeons. It was recognised more than 150 years ago (see below) and, whilst there has been no requirement for clinicians to publish outcomes data, a significant number of urologists have been involved in clinical audit and outcome assessment for many years.

Soon, there will be a time where our scholars & colleagues will not
satisfied with general comments on surgical quality outcomes
– instead, they will call any physician a charlatan who is incapable
to quantify his results

Christian Albert Theodore Billroth (1860) - pictured right
Regarded as the "founding father" of modern abdominal surgery

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