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From Ms Sarika Nalagatla - Chair of the BAUS Section of Trainees (BSoT)

"... the Seven Deady Sins of Surgery, and other challenges ..."

The BAUS Section of Trainees (BSoT) is excited to welcome you all to BAUS 2024.

Our Monday programme kicks off with our "Challenges as a Surgeon" session. It will feature various topics that affect all surgeons including dealing with complications and conflict resolution. Ben Challacombe will conclude the session by delivering a talk on "Taking care to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Surgery", which will no doubt be a must, given his vast experience in complex surgeries.

Tuesday is a jam-packed day, starting bright and early with the 5km BSoT Fun Run (don’t forget your running shoes!) for TUF along the Birmingham Canal. Our "Freedom to speak up... Or not" session is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of BAUS 2024. The session will explore the intricacies of whistleblowing and the implications for those involved. Ravi Jayaram will start the session with his account of whistleblowing in the Lucy Letby case that shook up the country. Peter Duffy, ex-urology consultant, will share his experience of the aftermath following whistleblowing. The partners of Cole Khan law firm will explain the existing laws that protect us and our careers.

Our afternoon session "Urology in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" will delve into the emerging use of AI in Urology, especially related to training. We finish a packed Tuesday schedule with the annual BSoT social dinner kindly sponsored by Karl Storz.

Concluding our programme on Wednesday is the “Future Directions for Urologists”. This session will cover everything from fellowships, the new urology curriculum and infertility & pregnancy issues among doctors. This will also be a great opportunity for those in any training pathway to see what BSoT does, and how to get involved. We will conclude the session with the presentation of the Silver and Bronze Cystoscope Awards.