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Urology is a rapidly evolving and innovative surgical specialty. As a result, it can be difficult to keep abreast of all the changes in diagnostics, pharmacotherapy and surgical techniques that are taking place. The sections below are designed to keep your urological knowledge up-to-date.

Urology Resource

Urology Resource is a YouTube channel, created and managed by Mr Hari Ratan, Consultant Urological Surgeon in Nottingham, to provide free, high-quality, educational material to medical students that allows you to keep abreast of urological innovation.

Some of the published resources are also suitable for core surgical trainees studying for the MRCS exam, as well as for higher surgical trainees in urology preparing for the FRCS Urol exam.

You can download any of the individual resources, and distribute them freely on social media; you are also encouraged to contribute your own material to the website.

Click here for the Urology Resource channel

Urology Apps

You can use your smartphone or tablet to gain access to teaching material on urology topics.

Simply download any of the educational apps listed and described here, from your preferred App Store. The link page also provides access to a more comprehensive list if urology apps for both medical students and postgraduates.

Please email the website editor if you have any other apps that you think should be included in this list.

Click here for the list of urology apps