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The BURST Research Collaborative is a trainee-led research group comprised primarily of urological registrars supported by Consultants, junior trainees and medical students. The aim of the collaborative is to produce high-impact, multi-centre audit and research that can improve patient care. BURST projects to date have involved urologists from both UK and international centres.

To visit the BURST website, click here or on the BURST logo above

Current collaborative programme

Ongoing collaborative projects include:

  1. IDENTIFY study - the Investigation and DEtection of urological Neoplasia in fast track paTIents reFerred with haematuria: a multicentre analYsis
    Lead Trainee: Mr Sinan Khadhouri
    Please click here to send an email
     and register your interest;
  2. MIMIC study - a multi-centre cohort study evaluating the role of inflammatory markers in patients presenting with acute ureteric colic
    Lead Trainee: Mr Taimur Shah (Urology Specialty Registrar in London North & Research Fellow at University College, London);
  3. A systematic review and meta-analysis comparing the detection rate of prostate cancer by MRI-targeted prostate biopsy to systematic biopsy
    Lead Trainee: Mr Veeru Kasivisvanthan (Urology Specialty Registrar in London North & NIHR Doctoral Fellow, University College London);
  4. Peer review opportunities with the International Journal of Surgery (IJS), Annals of Royal College of Surgeons and the European Journal of Surgical Oncology
    Please click here to send an email, with your CV as an attachment, to register your interest;
  5. Systematic review in testicular torsion 
    Please click here to send an email by Friday 30 September 2018, specifying your grade, whether you have any prior experience of performing systematic review or meta-analysis and attaching your CV.
    Our primary question is: In patients with testicular torsion who undergo orchidopexy, what are the surgical techniques used for orchidopexy and the subsequent outcomes of the fixed testicle(s)? With outcomes defined as: torsion recurrence, testicular atrophy and fertility.
    This piece of work will inform the conduct of a National Torsion Audit; and
  6. British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) Podcasts
    If you are interested in producing a podcast for BJUI that summarises a recently published journal article, please click here to send an email with your CV attached. Your podcast will be published on the BJUI website.

​For further information about these collaborations, please use the links included in the bulleted headings to go to the appropriate section of the BURST website.


Notable previous projects

Investigating the relationship between pre-operative patient anxiety and intra-operative surgical outcomes

Lead Trainee: Dr Alastair Lamb, MB ChB, PhD, FRCS Urol
Clinical Lecturer & Honorary Specialty Registrar in Urology & Academic Urology Group Member, University of Cambridge Department of Surgery & the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Cambridge Institute


BURST achievements & awards

Since the beginning of 2017, the following distinctions have been awarded:

  • MIMIC Won Best National Research Collaborative Prize (BiSTC), ASIT 2017;
  • MIMIC Won Best Paper at SURG 2017, Glasgow;
  • MIMIC Won Best In Session at EAU 2017, London;
  • MIMIC came runner up for best in conference at ASIT 2017;
  • The blood loss and anxiety project has been presented internationally in Melbourne, and nationally at the BAUS Academic Meeting, Jan 2017;
  • The blood loss and anxiety project won best presentation at SURG;
  • Early data from MIMIC has been presented at the BAUS Academic Meeting, Jan 2017;
  • BURST has recently been mentioned in the BAUS academic newsletter;
  • Successful discussions, led by BURST, have led to a change in the Urology CCT requirements regarding publications. It has now been agreed that collaborative publications can count as half of a first author for CCT; two collaborative publications will equal one first author publication; and 
  • BURST will now officially be running the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Course as part of the HEE London Deanery teaching, and discussions are ongoing regarding national roll-out.

BURST Education Series

from BAUS 2016 Skills Courses - first published Aug 2016


by Arjun K Nambiar (BURST Collaborative Education Lead) - first published May 2017

by Arjun K Nambiar (BURST Collaborative Education Lead) - first published Jul 2017

by Arjun K Nambiar (BURST Collaborative Education Lead) - first published Dec 2017

If you wish to get involved & join the BURST Collaborative, click here to send us an email with your name, position and hospital; we will register you as a member and send you further details about the activities of BURST

Finally ... send us your ideas

BURST considers new ideas for projects from any trainees or Consultants, on a continuous basis.

If you have an idea for a multi-centre project which you feel could influence clinical practice and you would like to be adopted for roll-out by the international BURST network, please let us known.

Simply complete the project proposal proforma and return it to BURST by attaching it to an email.  

BURST will always endeavour to help its members develop their projects to the highest of standards.