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The BURST Research Collaborative is a trainee-led research group comprised primarily of urological trainees supported by Consultants, junior trainees and medical students. The aim of the collaborative is to produce high-impact, multi-centre audit and research that can improve patient care. BURST projects to date have involved urologists from both UK and international centres.

Rather than reproducing all the current topics on the BURST website on this page, we suggest that you use the links below to explore the BURST site in more detail (all these links will open in a new browser window)

To visit the home page of the BURST website, click here. You can then view BURST's individual topics by selecting from their top menu. Currently available options include:  About BURST,  Studies,  Achievements and Opportunities.

In addition, you can click here to select & watch individual videos in the BURST series on Research Skills, and here to complete a subscription form for BURST ... alternatively, simply send BURST an email with your name, position & hospital, following which they will register you and contact you with further details.

Finally ... send us your ideas

BURST considers new ideas for projects from any trainees or Consultants, on a continuous basis.

If you have an idea for a multi-centre project which you feel could influence clinical practice and you would like to be adopted for roll-out by the international BURST network, please let us known.

Simply complete the project proposal proforma and return it to BURST by attaching it to an email.  

BURST will always endeavour to help its members develop their projects to the highest of standards.