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Visit Details and Reports

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Visits within the last 4 years

Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital (HUCSH) - March 2020
Steve Payne, Paul Anderson, David Dickerson & Adi Manjunath visited Hawassa to carry out further instruction in complex urethroplasty; they found new personnel but still some issues with equipment & infrastructure
COSECSA Examinations, Kampala, Uganda - December 2019
Steve Payne and Suzie Venn travelled on from the Lester Eschelmann workshop in Tanzania (see item below)  to examine in the COSESCA Membership and Urology Fellowship exam
13th Lester Eschelmann Workshop, KCMC, Tanzania - November 2019
David Dickerson, Rob Haines, Struan Gray, Steve Payne, Ram Subramaniam, Phil Thomas, Mikek Wanis, Suzie  & Richard Venn visited KCMC for the 13th Jacob Lester Eschelmann workshop. A separate trainees' report (from Struan Gray and Mike Wanis) is available by clicking here
Lusaka, Zambia - June 2019
Paul Anderson, David Hernandez & Matthew Hong visited Lusaka to support the local Consultants in consolidating basic urethroplasty skills, and to encourage more complex work involving the posterior urethra. Teaching on a variety of topics was also organised to include clinical case presentations by Zambian trainees followed by a short lecture
Kigali, Rwanda - 5 to 7 December 2018
Suzie Venn and Charles Mabedi (a UK Fellowship trainee) attended the COSECA Annual Meeting in Rwanda and helped out with the Membership and Fellowship examinations of COSECSA 
Hawassa, Ethiopia - 24 to 27 November 2018
Paul Anderson, Shekhar Biyani, David Dickerson, Steve Payne & Ram Subramaniam visited Hawassa to carry out urethroplasty and some paediatric urology
KCMC, Tanzania - 7 to 11 May 2018
"PCNL in Tanzania - a unique experience". Aasem Chaudry & Dominic Teichmann trained Consultants and junior staff in rigid ureteroscopy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Lusaka, Zambia - March 2018
Jon Cartledge & Jeremiah Mudonhi (Senior ODP) returned to Lusaka to focus TURP training on a key individual in the University Teaching Hospital team, and to review/reinforce nursing support in the urology Theatres

Kisiizi, Uganda - 9 to 12 December 2017
Rebecca Hillier & Adam Jones visited Kisiizi to perform TURPs, bilateral subcapsular orchidectomies and some open prostatectomies. They found some equipment & supply problems (particularly with irrigating fluids), they operated on 35 patients and still had time to visit the mountain gorillas of Bwindi

Mozambique - 3 to 5 December 2017
Philip Thomas and Suzie Venn visited Mozambique for the COSECSA Examinations and to attend the COSECSA Annual Meeting, where several possible developments for Urolink were aired
Lusaka, Zambia - 14 August to 5 September 2017
Dominic Teichmann visited the University Teaching Hospital where he found no permit had been arranged for him to work clinically, and poor organisation/communication within the urology firms. His visit was, as a result, restricted to examining logistics and resulted in many suggestions for improvement, based on his interactions with one committed, open-minded Consultant

Lusaka. Zambia - Summer 2017 - Report to be added
Paul Anderson, David Dickerson and Saskia Morgenstern visited the University Teaching Hospital for a urethroplasty workshop

Dakar, Senegal - 13 to 17 March 2017
Zeeshan Aslam visited the Hôpital General de Grand Yoff for the first laparoscopic workshop. With two other surgeons, they carried out laparoscopic varicocele repair, radical nephrectomy, simple nephrectomy, pyeloplasty & de-roofing of a renal cyst

Lusaka, Zambia - April 2016
Paul Anderson, David Dickerson and Suzie Venn visited Lusaka, Zambia for a urethroplasty workshop to develop the skills of local surgeons in a procedure rarely performed in Zambia.


Visits more than 4 years ago

Lusaka, Zambia - 27 Feb to 5 Mar 2016
Shekhar Biyani, Jon Cartledge (a late replacement for Jaimin Bhatt) & Nick Campain visited the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka to support the first Zambian TURP Masterclass.

11th Lester Eshelman Urology Workshop, KCMC, Tanzania - 23 to 27 Nov 2015
James Gellister (with Suzie Venn & Phil Thomas) reports on the biennial workshop. This year, the workshop was also visited by John Reynard and his support staff for a focus on spinal injury & rehabilitation.

Hawassa, Ethiopia - 1 to 12 March 2015
Shekhar Biyani (together with Thomas Smith & Graham Watson) visited the College of Medicine and Health Sciences School in Hawassa, Ethiopia to find impressive skills development since his last visit.
Nairobi, Kenya - 22 to 27 February 2015
Shekhar Biyani visited The Nairobi Surgical Skills Centre in Kenya, for the urology module of a multi-level teaching course, "Management of Surgical Emergencies".
Nairobi, Kenya - 12 to 17 October 2014
Nick Campain & Shekhar Biyani visited The Nairobi Surgical Skills Centre in Kenya, for the urology module of a multi-level teaching course, "Management of Surgical Emergencies".

Dakar, Senegal - August 2014
Graham Watson visited Dakar in Senegal, with Alexandra Zachou, where he initiated the process of PCNL and generously donated equipment on loan for the urologists to continue with this procedure.

Banjul, The Gambia - August 2014
After leaving Dakar (see above), Graham Watson then travelled on to Banjul where he identified and resolved issues with equipment which could be used for urology but had not been made available to the regular staff.

Kisiizi, Uganda - 2 to 6 June 2014
Adam Jones visited Kisiizi Hospital for the fifth time in his career and managed to get hold of some endoscopic equipment by a variety of means. He has promised that he will return in 2015, this time with his family.

Lusaka, Zambia - 19 to 25 October 2013
Shekhar Biyani oversees multi-level training for healthcare workers in surgical & theatre nursing skills to achieve better outcomes following emergency surgery.

Hawassa, Ethiopia - 12 to 17 October 2013
Shekhar Biyani, accompanied by Chandrasekharan Badrakumar, visits Hawassa to teach basic endoscopic surgery including cystoscopy, urethrotomy & TURP.

10th Lester Eshelman Urology Workshop, KCMC, Tanzania - 18 to 22 Nov 2013
Aditya Manjunath, ST5 in the South West Deanery, reports on the biennial week-long workshop. This year, the workshop focused on spinal injuries and reconstructive urology, the latter being Mr Manjunath's specific interest area.

Moshi/Dakar - September 2013
Alexandra Zachou attended the Lester Eshelman Reconstructive Workshop in Moshi, Tanzania under a Urolink-BAUS Scholarship and then visited Hoggy Hospital in Dakar, Senegal.

Nairobi, Kenya - May 2013
Shekhar Biyani, accompanied by Baskhar Somani, visits Nairobi to teach on the management of surgical (including urological) emergencies. The text includes feedback from the attendees.

Iraqi Kurdistan - 4 to 19 September 2012
Christine Evans visits Duhok, in Iraqi Kurdistan, to meet up with an UK trainee and a local Consultant, previously a trainee during Christine's earlier visits.

Hawassa, Ethiopia - 17 to 25 March 2012
Shekhar Biyani pays a return visit to The College of Medicine and Health Sciences School of Medicine, Hawassa, Ethiopia. Dr Catherine Royce from Arba Minch also visited Hawassa.

Zimbabwe & Zambia - November 2011
Christine Evans reports from Zimbabwe & Zambia with her daughter, Ruth. In Zimbabwe, Christine supervised MMed surgical trainees and, in Zambia, examined for F Urol as well as receiving an Honorary Fellowship of her own.

9th Lester Eshelman Urology Workshop, KCMC, Tanzania - 20 to 25 November 2011
Suzie Venn & Phil Thomas report on the biennial, week-long workshop. This year, the workshop focused on spinal injuries and the visiting faculty included a team from Stoke Mandeville.

Workshop, in association with ASGBI, Lusaka, Zambia - 19 to 21 October 2011 
Shekhar Biyani and Jaimin Bhatt join a team from ASGBI delivering a new five day course for surgical residents on the management of surgical emergencies.

KCMC Hospital, Tanzania - August to September 2011
Oliver Kayes, a year 6 SpR, reports on his 6-week visit. Oliver has also provided a supplementary report - A Urologist Abroad - Messages from Moshi contains a lot of information about KCMC. There is also a list of useful advice and tips for planning trips, a photographic record and Oliver Kayes's personal diary.

The Gambia - April 2011
Hussain Alnajjar reports on his 1-week visit to the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, Banjul, Gambia with James N'Dow and George Fowlis.

Hawassa, Ethiopia - March 2011
Shekhar Biyani, Jaimin Bhatt, Joby Taylor and Sister Denise Ellis visit The College of Medicine and Health Sciences School of Medicine to assist the local surgeons in developing skills in basic endourological procedures and to run a two-day workshop on Basic Endourology Skills.

Nigeria and Cameroon - February 2011
Sam Osaghe, from Pilgrim Hospital, Boston UK, visited The University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Edo State, Nigeria, The University College Hospital, Oyo State, Nigeria and Our Lady of Love Catholic Hospital, Cameroon.

Hawassa, Ethiopia - March 2010
Shekhar Biyani, from Pinderfields Hospital Wakefield, describes his visit to a 200-bed hospital in Ethiopia which serves a population of 17 million people.


PLEASE NOTE: The views expressed in these reports represent personal observations by individual contributors;
they do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Urolink Executive Committee

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