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Overseas Urologists in the UK

Urolink has regularly supported colleagues from link centres to attend the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting. Such visits may be combined with observership placements in UK hospitals

UK Support for Overseas Centres

Whilst we welcome requests for assistance from any centres overseas, we are unable to gurantee help. We do, however, undertake to advertise requests for help on our website, and to provide this where possible.

Urolink's policy is to train overseas trainees to educate overseas trainees in tier home institution rather than bringing them to the UK for training.

Reports of European Visits by Overseas Trainees

The following were all funded, either fully or partly, by grants from Urolink:

George Soko, Urology Resident at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia attended the EUREP-19 Course in the Czech Republic during September 2019.
Click here to view his visit report.

Vanessa Savopoulos, Urology Resident at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia attended the Leeds Urology Bootcamp followed by an observership at St James' University Hospital, Leeds during October 2019.
Click here to view her visit report.


Getting Help with Funding a Visit

Urolink may be able  to help consultants and trainees via various grants. Please click here for more information.

has occasionally been able to help with expenses for urology Consultants or Trainees to visit the UK as part of the Urolink programme, usually on an exchange visit from an established link centre, using the BAUS/Urolink Overseas Urologist Travel Grant. Applications should be made by email to Urolink.

Your applications must include details of your full name & addrees (and contacts), current post, place of work, professional experience and a short statement setting out what you wish to gain from your proposed visit

Trainees from Urolink centres may also apply for the "Urolink COSECSA Travel Award"  to support them in presenting scientific papers at the Annual COSECSA Meeting. Please click here to apply.

All applications will be considered and actioned by the Urolink Executive Committee or, if applications are received between meetings, by the Chair plus one other Committee member.

For further information on these awards, please see the Funding Opportunities page.


Visa Requirements

Please check with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) regarding visa requirements.  

These may change on a regular basis, so it is important for you to access up-to-date information.


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