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South Thames Regional Meeting

The South Thames Regional Meeting (KSS and South Thames) is held biannually at various hospitals around the regions of London South and South East Coast. There are STC meetings in the morning, followed by lunch for all, and then the afternoon meeting. There are presentations of the various audit and research projects from around the region, followed by a dinner in the evening. Due to COVID there were no meetings in 2020.

If you require any further information regarding the website, e-mail the website co-ordinator, Matt Bultitude, at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital. For ALL enquiries related to the next meeting see information below or contact the meeting organiser.

Archive of Previous Meetings

The South Thames Regional Meeting is held at 6-monthly intervals in various hospitals from London South and Kent Surrey & Sussex (KSS, formerly South East Coast).  Below is a list of recent meetings with abstract booklets and prize winners:

DEC 2023 (King's College Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - Kamran Haq, Joint 2nd - Findlay MacAskill, Joint 2nd - Nikki Kerdegari

MAR 2023 (Frimley Park Hospital) - Abstracts
1st -
Edward Hart, 2nd - Natalie George, 3rd - Leshanth Uthayanan

NOV 2022 (Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - 
Kelly Ong (awarded the Derek Packham Medal), 2nd - Findlay MacAskill

APR 2021 (St George's Hospital - Virtual) - Abstracts
: 1st (and overall winner) - F MacAskill, 2nd - N Tan, 3rd - N Lobo
Cancer: 1st - D Whiting, 2nd - D Sri, 3rd - S Yan

OCT 2019 (St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey) - Abstracts
1st - 
Angela Lam, 2nd - Jade Harrison, 3rd - Tharani Mahesan

APR 2019 (Epsom District Hospital) - Abstracts
1st -
Arn Sujenthiran, 2nd - Phil Brousil, 3rd - Joseph Santiapillai

NOV 2018 (Frimley Park Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - 
D Akiboye (awarded the Derek Packham Medal),. Joint 2nd - T Stonier & D Toomey
The inaugural Bill Choi Award was presemted to M Stanowski

APR 2018 (Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - 
Michael Ager, 2nd - Niyati Lobo, 3rd - & Ola Blach

NOV 2017 (St George's Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - 
Niyati Lobo, Joint 2nd - Francesca Kum & Meghana Kulkarni

APR 2017 (Ashford & St Peter's Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - Sophie Rintoul-Hoad, 2nd - Kamran Haq, 3rd - Amy Burrows

NOV 2016 (Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital) -  Abstracts
1st - Ola Blach, 2nd - Andrea Tay, 3rd - Ian Rudd

MAY 2016 (Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford) - Abstracts
1st - Wayne Lam, 2nd - Niyati Lobo

NOV 2015 (Tunbridge Wells Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - Wayne Lam, 2nd - Angus Campbell

MAY 2015 (Epsom & St Helier Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - Kathie Wong, 2nd - Archie Fernando, 3rd - Helen Teixeira

NOV 2014 (Kent & Canterbury Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - Andrew Chetwood, 2nd - Maria Vednayagam

MAY 2014 (Kingston Hospital) - Abstracts
Winner - Nick Drinnan

OCT 2013 (Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton) - Abstracts
1st - Archie Fernando, 2nd - Aakash Pai, 3rd - Marios Hadjipavlou

JAN 2013 (St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey) - Abstracts
1st - Andrew Chetwood, 2nd - R Zakri, 3rd - E Winstanley

APR 2012 (Maidstone Hospital) - Abstracts
Winner - Andrew Chetwood

NOV 2011 (Frimley Park Hospital) - Abstracts
1st - Pete Acher, 2nd - Mario Bolgeri

APR 2011 (St George's Hospital, Tooting) - Abstracts
Winner - Kathie Wong

NOV 2010 (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich) - Abstracts
Winner - Susan Willis

APR 2010 (Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital) - Abstracts
Winner - John Withington


The date and venue of the next meeting will be published on here in due course. Abstract submission will open when that date is confirmed.


Abstract submission are welcomed from across the regions using the form below.  

Abstracts substantially longer than 250 words will not be considered. Only one abstract is likely to be considered per presenter. Any topic will be accepted although preference is given to high-quality, regional audit projects. 

PLEASE NOTE: this meeting is for presentation of work carried out ONLY at hospitals in London South and Kent, Surrey and Sussex regions - abstracts from other regions will not be accepted.