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Resources & Links

Online resources

The following links will provide helpful information about returning to work:

  • Guidance on the management of surgical trainees returning to clinical training after extended leave; published by The Joint Committee on Surgical Training (JCST) - download
  • Returning to surgical practice; guidance notes prepared by members of the working group (Laura Derbyshire & Alice Hartley) and the UroParents WhatsApp group (see below) - download
  • Supported return to training (SuppoRTT); published by NHS Health Education England (NHSHEE) - click here to view
  • Maternity/Paternity survey results; a survey conducted by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in 2016, looking at the current barriers experienced by colleagues taking maternity/paternity leave - download
  • Skills fade: a review of the evidence; a comprehensive study across the whole health sector (but relevant to doctors) published by the General Medical Council - download

Support groups

In addition, there are support groups already established on social media to help parents:

What are your experiences?

The next step for the working group is to collate individual experiences of Return to Work from across the speciality.

The group is keen to receive examples of both good and bad practice with the ultimate aim of improving the experience of colleagues who, at any stage in their career, take a break from work.

Please email Laura Derbyshire or Alice Hartley with your experiences - short or long, good or bad. We will only share these with your permission, and we will always respect requests for anonymity

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