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The Board of Trustees

Governance sectionThe Trustees have legal and fiduciary responsibility for the Association. The Trustees of the charity are the Officers of the Association:

  • The President
  • Vice President
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Honorary Secretary Elect
  • Honorary Treasurer Elect

The Officers are elected by the voting members of the Association and, in total, each individual serves as a Trustee for four years. In addition, the Trustees have the power to co-opt up to four further Trustees, with the approval of Council.

Download the Memorandum & Articles of Association

BAUS Council

Council advises the Trustees and plays a pivotal role in determining the strategic and professional direction of the Association, ensuring it remains responsive to the needs and views of its membership. Council also monitors the performance of the Board of Trustees.

Council members include:

  • The Officers of the Association (six people, as shown above)
  • 16 regionally-elected Council Members
  • Ex officio members (including the Chairmen of the sub-Specialty Sections, a SURG Trainee representative, the Chairman of the Education Committee & other invited members)

Council meets three times a year and meetings are chaired by the President. Either the BAUS Chief Executive or Deputy Chief Executive is in attendance for Council meetings.