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All conference content, speakers and timings are correct at the time of publication. The organisers cannot be held responsible for changes due to circumstances beyond their control, including the withdrawal of speakers from the programme for any reason

Abstract Book

Abstracts will be available online in the Conference Edition of the Journal of Clinical Urology from 07:00hr on Monday 13 June 2022.

Activity Challenge

Join in the Activity Challenge running from 13 to 15 June 2022 and complete tasks on the BAUS 2022 platform to earn points for a chance to win prizes including a pair of Apple AirPods, a Fitbit and an Amazon voucher.

Annual General Meeting

The 13th BAUS Annual General Meeting will be held at 15:00hr on Monday 13 June 2022 in Hall 1 at the ICC Birmingham (during the Annual Scientific Meeting). Documentation for the meeting can be downloaded using the links below:

Proxy voting is permitted in accordance with the BAUS Articles of Association and the Companies Act 2006.   

The proxy form above should completed & returned, in accordance with the instructions given in the notes on the form, before 12.00hr on Wednesday 8 June 2022. If a member does appoint a proxy and attends the meeting and votes, the member’s proxy appointment will automatically be terminated.

Badge Scanning

We will be using badge scanning as lead retrieval. Exhibitors can hire scanners and scan the QR Code on delegate badges to download the following information:

  • Name, Job Title, Place of Work (as specified on your online registration form)
  • Work Email address (as specified on your online registration form)

You will receive one CME point for attending a Satellite Session and getting your badge scanned. Badge scanning by exhibitors is not compulsory. If you DO NOT wish to disclose personal information to exhibitors, then do not allow your badge to be scanned. 

PLEASE NOTE: BAUS Staff may scan you on entrance into the Satellite Sessions; this is purely for a count of attendance at these sessions.

BAUS 2022 Format

We are pleased to be returning to a face-to-face format for BAUS 2022 at the ICC Birmingham, after a two-year hiatus following virtual conferences in 2020 & 2021. Virtual attendance will, however, still be available: content will be streamed live from the ICC Birmingham and will be available to watch via the BAUS 2022 Platform.

Certificates of Attendance

Certificates will be emailed to delegates from Wednesday 22 June 2022. Certificates for the BAUS Academy teaching courses will only be issued to those who complete the relevant assessment form and obtain a pass rate of 80%.

Conference Catering

New for BAUS 2022, delegate registrations will include complimentary lunch each day. Hot Buffet lunch will be served on Monday 13 June & Tuesday 14 June and a Deli Bistro lunch on Wednesday 15 June.

Lunch will be available from Exhibition Hall 3.

Continuing Medical Education

This meeting has been accredited with CME points:

  Mon 13 June 2022 6 points
  Tue 14 June 2022 6 points
  Wed 15 June 2022 6 points

Each Satellite Session is accredited with 1 CME point.


We will continue to monitor the national & global situation, and follow guidance issued by the UK Government and relevant Health Authorities. BAUS will be guided by social distancing measures imposed by the UK Government and relevant Health Authorities. We will follow social distancing measures and hygiene regulations.

Currently, face coverings are not compulsory. However, you may wish to wear one walking around the venue or during more crowded times such as lunch and exhibition viewing. Please remember to bring one with you to the meeting as you may still be required to wear one in scenarios such as transport to the venue.


There will be crèche facility provided at BAUS 2022. The crèche will be run by Nipperbout who will run a daily timetable of activities. The crèche will be FREE,  but we do require all those who require use of this facility to indicate during the online registration system by 31 March 2022. PLEASE NOTE: if we do not get any uptake by 31 March 2022, BAUS will not provide a crèche facility.

There will also be a room dedicated to parents attending BAUS 2022, for feeding and storage of family equipment.

The crèche will close each day for an hour over the lunch period (12.30-13.30). This allows crèche staff to take a break. Parents will therefore need to collect their child and feed them. Children can be returned when the creche reopens at 13.30

Nipperbout supply a healthy morning and afternoon snack. NB: Four hours is the maximum time a child can stay in a crèche without being collected for food (three hours for children aged three years and under).

Delegate Badges

For security purposes, all delegates, accompanying persons and exhibitors must always wear the official BAUS 2022 delegate badges at all times, in order to be admitted to the conference centre and social events. Badges will be issued from the Registration Desk.

ePoster Sessions

Abstracts and full details of the presenters will be available on the meeting app platform. The ePoster viewing wall will be available on the meeting app platform.

Exhibition - Location and Opening Hours

The exhibition will take place in Hall 3 of the ICC Birmingham, and will be open at the following times:

  Mon 13 June 2022 09.00 to 18.45hr
  Tue 14 June 2022 08.30 to 18.00hr
  Wed 15 June 2022 08.30 to 14.15hr

​PLEASE NOTE: entry to the conference or exhibition is NOT available to personnel from commercial companies who do not have an exhibition stand.

Highlights Newsletter

Each morning at 07.00hr on 13 to15 June 2022, there will be a BAUS 2022 Daily Highlights Newsletter emailed to all pre-registered delegates that will detail the programme for the day ahead.

Media Check-In

The Media Check-In will be located near Hall 1, a short walk from the Registration Foyer. Media Check-In will be clearly signed, and all speakers & presenters are required to upload slides.

Full AV information will be sent to all speakers well in advance of the meeting. Any queries before the meeting should be directed by email to the Events Team.

Mentoring Sessions

This year we are offering free mentoring sessions throughout the BAUS Annual Meeting.

They will be offered by five trained mentors and a mentor appraiser whose role is to assess the mentors. These sessions are designed to offer you help with your professional life, training, career development and to discuss any new opportunities that have presented themselves to you recently. Problem areas may also feature, if you wish.

There will be a feedback form which we would like you to complete and leave at the mentoring reception desk. There is usually a high demand for these sessions, so please be sure to book a slot as early as possible and avoid disappointment. You will need to place a deposit of £10 with your booking which will be repaid after your completed session.

Mentoring Sessions can be booked via the online registration site.


BAUS 2022 will have an official photographer and videographer who will be operating onsite. By registering for BAUS 2022, your photograph may be taken, and this footage may be used by the organisers for marketing purposes. If you require further information on this, please email the Events Team.

Poster From Every Unit

Urology units have submitted a piece of work of their choosing for inclusion in the “Poster from Every Unit” initiative. Posters will illustrate any ongoing or completed urological work, research, audit, or QuIP or an account of service delivery, expansion, or recovery post-pandemic.

Posters will be on display for the duration of BAUS 2022 on the Gallery Level of the Exhibition Hall (Hall 3).

Prayer Room

A room will be available to delegates throughout the conference for private religious observance; please ask the BAUS Registration Desk for further details.

Press Attendance

We are pleased to welcome members of the press to attend BAUS 2022 and obtain a Press Pass for a daily fee. If a Press Pass is required for BAUS 2022, please email the Events Team with the days you wish to attend, and and include any one of the following in your email:

  • Media identification, such as an international accredited press pass;
  • Business card stating affiliation and position e.g. editor, publisher, writer, reporter etc;
  • Letter on official letterhead from the editor of a publication/website certifying the affiliation, verifying assignment to the meeting and including the editor’s contact information


We will not have a printed programme for BAUS 2022. Delegates should instead use the BAUS 2022 Platform or save a copy of the Final Programme PDF to a tablet device. Printed "Programmes at a Glance" will be available to collect from the BAUS Registration Desk.

Registration Desk

All relevant conference documentation should be collected from the BAUS Registration Desk. We will not have any conference bags for BAUS 2022. The desk will be situated in the Registration Foyer outside Hall 3, and will be open at the following times:

  Mon 13 June 2022 08.30 to 18.00hr
  Tue 14 June 2022 08.00 to 18.00hr
  Wed 15 June 2022 08.00 to 14.15hr

Satellite Symposia

All Satellite Symposia will be held in Hall 1.

Scientific Session Access

The scientific sessions are only open to registered delegates. Please note: delegate registration and entry to the conference or exhibition is NOT available to personnel from commercial companies who do not have an exhibition stand.


For more information of ICC Birmingham’s sustainability credentials, please visit their website. We will have various water refill points available throughout the venue and encourage delegates to bring their own water bottles and re-usable coffee mugs.

We will be running practice sessions on surgical simulators in the Surgical Simulation Centre within Exhibition Hall 3.

Social Media (SoMe) & Twitter

BAUS 2022 is on Twitter: @BAUSurology (and the hashtags #BAUS22 or #urology2022). Delegates should familiarise themselves with the GMC guidance and BMA advice in respect to social media.

Keep up to date with all BAUS 2022 information using YouTube (BAUS TV). All filmed content from plenary sessions in Hall 1 & Hall 4 will be uploaded to YouTube (BAUS TV). You can also find filmed content from previous years on BAUS TV or access links to previous meetings from the Media Gallery on the main BAUS site.

Travel and Parking

Birmingham is easily reached from Birmingham Airport, with Birmingham New Street a 10-minute train ride from the terminal. There are three train stations in the city centre, all just a short walk from the ICC, with New Street Station the closest. Parking is available at the Arena Birmingham (B1 2AA) for delegates travelling by car – charges apply.

If you would like any further information or assistance, please visit The ICC website.

For other travel information, including links to bus, train and ferry timetables, ticket information, and the latest travel and transport news go to the Venue, Travel & Parking Section.


The ICC Birmingham, 8 Centenary Square, Birmingham, B1 2EA, UK
Tel: +44 (0)121 200 2000
Email the ICC Contact Centre

The BAUS Annual Scientific meeting will return to the ICC Birmingham in 2023 from 19 to 21 June

Watch it Again

Recorded content from the meeting will be uploaded to the BAUS 2022 platform and available to watch again for up to 6 months.


Free WiFi is available throughout the ICC Birmingham.

All conference content, speakers and timings are correct at the time of publication. The organisers cannot be held responsible for changes due to circumstances beyond their control, including the withdrawal of speakers from the programme for any reason