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Stone Disease Patient Advisory Section

Advisory Group

This Group was set up in November 2009 by the BAUS Section of Endourology and included two surgeons (one of whom must be a member of the Section of Endourology Executive Committee) and five patient representatives.

The purpose of the group was to seek patients' views and advice on:

  • the needs & requirements for information about stone disease
  • research priorities and input into trial design & management
  • service design and improved facilities for treating stone disease

The group's first priority has always been to ensure that patients with a kidney stone have ready access to valid information, and are able to find their nearest stone surgeon (often called an "endourologist") quickly & easily

I think I might have a stone ...

Click here for more information about what you should do if you suspect you have kidney stones. The article gives background information, discusses how your condition will be assessed and explains how your stones may be managed.

I have some questions about my condition ...

Click here to see FAQs (frequently-asked questions) about stones.  All these questions have, at some time, been raised by patients, carers, relatives and families. The answers are, inevitably, brief but have been assembled to give a simple but accurate summary of the underlying problem.

I need to find a stone surgeon ...

Click here to go to the "Find A Surgeon" section where you will see a list of approximately 500 surgeons who specialise in Endourology.  To narrow your search down even further (e.g. by region or by hospital), select from the appropriate drop-down lists on the right and then click the "Search Surgeons" button.