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Social Media (SoMe) & the BAUS Twitter Feed

Keep in touch with up-to-date comments by accessing the BAUS Twitter feed @BAUSurology. 

Use the hashtags #BAUS24 and/or #urology2024 to help others searching for conference-related tweets.

For other urological terms (e.g. specific urological conditions), please use the standardised hashtags defined by Urology Tag Ontology.

Delegates are advised to familiarise themselves with the GMC guidance and BMA advice regarding social media, before publishing on Twitter or any other SoMe platform.


You can also keep up-to-date with all BAUS 2024 information using YouTube (BAUS TV). All filmed content from plenary sessions in Hall 1 & Hall 4 will, subject to consent from the speaker(s), be recorded and uploaded to BAUS TV.

You can also find recorded content from previous meetings on BAUS TV, or access the recordings using the links in the Media Gallery on the main BAUS website.