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Subspecialty Training

UK-Based Fellowship Posts

Nationwide, there are a number of positions recognised as offering subspecialist endourology training. Many of these are occupied by NTN holders and, as such, are currently only available to trainees in that region or to inter-deanery transfers (with approval). Some, however, are non-NTN Fellowship positions.

The SAC has compiled a list of subspeciality posts which includes all areas of subspecialisation. For further information on specific posts, please contact the relevant hospital or deanery.

We wish to compile our own list of national and international, endourology fellowship posts that are available for senior UK trainees through competitive entry, to further their experience either as an OOPT / OOPE or post CCT. If you are aware of any suitable posts, or would like to write a report on a fellowship that you have done, please e-mail the section editor, Matthew Bultitude.

Overseas Fellowship Posts

New Zealand scene

James Forster has compiled a list of overseas fellowship posts, with some information about the posts which may be of interest to UK trainees.

Download his report.

Fellowship Image

The University of California Irvine (UCI) offers one-year International Fellowship posts in minimally invasive urology.

For more information, and contact details, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for information only. The contents, and the attached documents, do not necessarily reflect the views of the committee or section, nor do they have the section's endorsement. Posts may change over time and other fellowships, not listed here, may become available