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Applying for CPD Credits

Downloadable forms to apply for and record CPD accreditation for your event

BAUS has re-launched the process for applying for CPD Credits for events in Great Britain and Ireland.  Event organisers should read the following documents and follow the links for downloadable forms:

To facilitate the process of returning CPD information, Forms A and C can be completed on-line and sent directly to BAUS as e-mail attachments. A copy of Form B needs to be completed by each delegate, but does not need to be sent to BAUS; the totals derived from all returns of Form B should be summarised in Form C and returned electronically as described above. When each form is complete, select the "Click here to Submit..." button to e-mail the information to BAUS. 

Email any further enquiries about CPD to BAUS

PLEASE NOTE: it is not possible to use mobile devices (phones/tablets) to complete and return these forms