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Other Resources for SAS Doctors

The links below will be helpful to SAS Doctors (and, in fact, to all grades of trainee) who wish to record their activity throughout their surgical career, or who wish to improve their medical education using outreach services.


The Pan-Surgical Logbook has been developed by the UK Surgical Royal Colleges (in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dublin) to support surgeons of all grades and specialties in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The eLogbook has been developed in close co-operation with the Specialty Associations to provide a "whole-of-life" service to surgeons of whatever specialty. It will build up a complete record of your work, inform appraisals, contain a record of your CPD and, shortly, will be able to provide reports to support re-validation and re-certification.

Click here to access the Pan-Surgical Electronic Logbook for the United Kingdom & Ireland. In order to register to use the logbook, you will need to know your GMC registration number

GMC Outreach Advisers

The GMC Outreach Team works across the UK to improve understanding of our guidance. They explain how our processes work and promote our standards. They also collaborate with the service to understand the issues faced at local level.

The outreach team helps ensure that your approach to regulation is well-informed; the team will work closely with you to meet the changing needs of the health services in the UK.

Click here for further information about GMC Outreach Services

Collaborative Research

British Urology Researchers in Specialist Training (BURST) have made it clear that SAS & LE doctors are welcome to participate in all BURST research collaborations.

Your collaboration will be acknowledged in any publications that result from the research.

Click here to read more about BURST on this website, or you can access the BURST web site directly

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