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The SAS@BAUS Working Group was originally set up to offer career support & guidance for BAUS members who are Specialty & Associate Specialist (SAS) or Locally-Employed Doctors (LEDs).

BAUS has now agreed to establish a fully-fledged Section to replace the Working Group, from the start of 2024, based on the changes outlined below.

An Invitation to join the new Section of Specialists and Trust Urologists

As reported during the recent BAUS Annual Meeting, Trustees have approved plans to form a new Section of Specialists and Trust Urologists. Over the next two months, we are inviting all members who have an interest in promoting the objects - namely to support SAS and LED colleagues to fully realise their potential as valued and effective members of urological teams - to join the Section.  This represents progression from the relatively informal SAS@BAUS project to a formally-established Section with a defined membership and an elected Executive Committee.

Elections for officers of the Section will take place in Autumn 2023. The membership will form the electorate, and the intention is that the Section will be formally established with effect from 1 January 2024. In common with all sections, once nominations close and voting commences, the membership/electorate is effectively locked - you cannot join a section once a vote is open.  

The full terms of reference for the new Section, which will be reviewed by the Section Executive Committee once it is formed, are available by clicking here