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Guidelines & Publications

Data & Audit Publications

Copies of the annual reports on the BAUS Cancer Registry and complex operations data are available on the Data and Audit publications page.

Download the first STUKA report on partial nephrectomy


Improving Outcomes Guidance (IOG)

NICE has produced guidance regarding the referral and management of urological cancers by multidisciplinary teams. This includes guidance about centralisation of complex services for urological cancers.

Download the IOG document


NICE Guidelines

In May 2009, BAUS and NICE published a joint statement on the implementation of the NICE prostate cancer guidelines.

Download the joint statement on the implementation of the NICE Prostate Cancer Guideline

Following publication of this guideline, the Oncology Section and the British Uro-Oncology Group (BUG) sought members' opinions by means of a questionnaire.  In January 2014, following consultation with BAUS and other interested groups, guideline CG175 - Prostate cancer: diagnosis & treatment was published on the NICE website; this was updated in 2019 (see below) to reflect recent changes in diagnosing prostate cancer.

Bladder cancer management
(last updated Feb 2015)
Enzalutamide for prostate cancer
(last updated Jan 2016)
Pre-operative routine tests
(last updated April 2016)
(last updated Sep 2017)
Prostate cancer: diagnosis & treatment
(last updated June 2019)

European Association of Urology (EAU) Guidelines

The EAU produces evidence-based guidelines for the management of both benign and malignant urological conditions. Being guidelines (and not protocols), they are advisory rather than proscriptive.

 A complete collection of all EAU guidelines, in a single volume, can be downloaded using the link below.

In addition, the EAU has released an app containing a "pocket" version of its guidelines; to obtain this app, go to your provider's App Store and search for "EAU Pocket Guidelines".

Extended Guidelines Document (last updated 2016)

Individual guidelines relevant to the Section can be downloaded using the links in the table below.

Bladder cancer - muscle invasive & metastatic
       (last updated 2017)
Bladder cancer - non-muscle invasive (TaT1)
       (last updated 2017)
Lasers & technology
       (last updated 2014)
Penile cancer
       (last updated 2017)
Renal cell carcinoma
       (last updated 2017)
Robotic & single-site surgery
       (last updated 2014)
Testicular cancer
       (last updated 2017)
Upper urinary tract urothelial cancer
       (last updated 2017)
Primary urethral carcinomma
       (last updated 2017)
       (last reviewed 2017)
  Infographic for the risk of thrombosis & bleeding in urological surgery (ROTBUS) - Nov 2017

UK & EAU Guidelines Compared

In March 2018, the Journal of Clinical Urology (JCU) published a series of commisioned articles by British urologists in which the current UK and European Association of Urology guidelines were compared. Comparisons relevant to this Section are listed below.  

Click an item  to view a PDF of the full article published in the Journal of Clinical Urology Vol 11(2); 81-153. Individual articles have a facility to check for updates by clicking on the appropriate button in the top left corner of the text:

Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer Prostate cancer
Renal cancer Upper tract urothelial cancer

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