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BAUS Council

BAUS Council advises the Trustees and plays a pivotal role in determining the strategic and professional direction of the Association, ensuring it remains responsive to the needs and views of its membership. Council also monitors the performance of the Board of Trustees. Council members include:

  • 6 Elected Officers of the Association / 3 Co-opted Trustees / 1 non-clinical Co-opted Trustee
  • 16 regionally-elected Council Members
  • Ex officio members (including the Chairmen of the sub-Specialty Sections, a SURG Trainee representative, the Chairman of the Education Committee & other invited members)

Council meets three times a year, and meetings are chaired by the President. Either the BAUS Chief Executive or Deputy Chief Executive is in attendance for each Council meeting.

Elected Officers / Trustees

Name Position
Ms Jo Cresswell President
Prof Ian Pearce Vice President
Mr Nick Watkin Honorary Treasurer
Mr Iqbal Shergill Honorary Treasurer Elect
Professor Ian Pearce Honorary Secretary
Mr Joe Philip Honorary Secretary Elect
Mr Gurpreet Singh Co-Opted Trustee
Miss Susan Willis Co-Opted Trustee
Mr Mark Lynch Co-Opted Trustee
Ms Lisa Dodgshon Non-Clinical Co-Opted Trustee

Elected Regional Representatives

Name Region Current Tenure Ends
Mr Will Green East Midlands  June 2024
Mr Nimish Shah East of England June 2022
Mr Steve Garnett Kent, Surrey & Sussex (KSS) June 2023
Mr Ravi Barod London North June 2024
Mr Mark Lynch London South  June 2022
Mr Mark Johnson North East June 2023
Mr Dan Burke North West June 2024
Mr Brian Duggan Northern Ireland June 2022
Mr Garrett Durkan Republic of Ireland June 2022
Ms Helen Simpson Scotland East June 2024
Mrs Lynne Kerr Scotland West June 2024
Mr Richard Lockyer South Central June 2024
Mr Biral Patel South West June 2022
Mr Gokul Kanda Swamy Wales June 2022
Mr Vinnie During West Midlands June 2024
Mrs Rachel Morrison Yorkshire & Humber June 2024

Ex Officio Members

Name Position Dates of tenure
Mr Marc Lucky Chair, Section of Andrology & Genito-Urethral Surgery  2022 - 2023
Mr Sri Sriprasad Chair, Section of Endourology 2022 - 2023
Mr Mo Belal Chair, Section of Female, Neurological & Urodynamic Urology 2022 - 2023
Mr Krishna Narahari Chair, Section of Oncology 2021 - 2022
Mr Nick Boxall Chair, BAUS Section of Trainees (BSoT) 2022 - 2023
Mr Ben Challacombe Representative for The Urology Foundation from 2020
Mr Alan McNeill Chair, Executive Committee, BJU International from 2021
Mr Jonathan Glass BAUS Representative, RCS England Council 2019 - 2023
Ms Clare Waymont Chair, BAUN from 2021
Miss Justine Royle Chair, SAC in Urology from 2022
Mr Dominic Hodgson Chair, BAUS Education Committee 2019 - 2021
Mr Andrew Dickinson Chair, Audit Steering Group from 2019
Professor Caroline Moore Surgical Specialty Lead for Research from 2021
Mr Siraj Natalwala SAS Members' Representative 2021 - 2023