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For BAUS 2022, the following new events have been added to the scientific programme:

Breakfast Meetings

Breakfast meetings have been held at BAUS Annual Scientific Meetings in the past, usually to host satellite sessions, but they fell into abeyance some years ago. For BAUS 2022, however, they have been restored in a sloightly different form.

Enjoy breakfast on BAUS whilst participating in a variety of dynamic, entertaining and informative meetings. Please register your attendance via the registration site; pre-registration is required for catering numbers. All breakfast meetings will be held between 07:30 and 08:30hr, each with a highly-skilled Faculty.

1. Anatomical Drawing (Tue 14 June - Hall 9)

All drawing materials and breakfast provided, just bring your enthusiasm! Absolutely no prior skills necessary. Join us for this interactive breakfast workshop exploring the basics of anatomical drawing, led by anatomical artist Dr Lucy Lyons. Start the day with some simple drawing exercises to improve your observational skills and hand-eye coordination. 

You will be guided through making more detailed drawings from a range of high-quality anatomical images or models before finishing with constructive group feedback. The aim of this session is to provide you with techniques that you will be able to practice and translate into your own operative notes. Most of all we want you to have fun!

2. Orchestrated Networking (Tue 14 June - Hall 10)

We invite all Core Trainees and Junior SpRs to attend our Orchestrated Networking meeting. We envision the meeting will offer a chance for Core Trainee and Junior SpRs to network with a team of Consultant Urologists who will be able to offer support and advice throughout the training process.

3. Dragon's Den (Tue 14 June - Hall 11)

TUF and BAUS are running a "Dragon’s Den" panel to consider the pitches, which have come through a pre-event selection process, to be taken forward to TUF Trials Unit.

TUF Trials Unit was established last year to enable more clinical research in urology, by helping healthcare professionals to bring their ideas to fruition.

This Dragon’s Den will involve three presentations, each followed by questions from our expert panel. The panel will then choose and announce the proposal(s) that will be taken forward.

4. Fellowships (Wed 15 June - Hall 9)

Join the BAUS Fellowship Directors and invited speakers for an early morning of lively debate, and the opportunity to hear from those who have undertaken fellowships both in the UK and overseas.

This informal session is aimed at all those trainees interested in undertaking a fellowship or having advice to impart. Consultants interested in setting up fellowships, or who already offer them, are also welcome to attend.

5. History of Urology "Mavericks in Urology" (Wed 15 June - Hall 10)

There will be three main strands to this breakfast session:

  • Jasmine Winyard will tell us about Geoffrey Parker, a rebellious and unpromising medical student whose restless extracurricular interests were spotted by Military Intelligence, leading him into a James Bond like adventure in occupied wartime France; a far cry from the RSM Urology Council meetings of Wimpole Street.
  • Kassie Ball will highlight the pioneering careers of the first two female British Urologists, Helen Wingate and Joanna Stephens - brave mavericks in an age when professional women were frowned upon, or at best ignored, yet they aimed to become not only doctors but hospital surgical specialists.
  • Finally, a familiar face at the Museum of Urology, Dominic Hodgson is going to introduce us to Kenneth Walker: a well-known British urologist, not only an early champion of andrology and sexual health, but also keen to spread that knowledge to the general public via affordable Penguin books. Latterly, he took a fascinating turn into mysticism and spiritualism.

In addition to ther sessions above, anyone is welcome to bring along an historic instrument or artefact for discussion, identification or just general interest - and good fun!

Poster From Every Unit

In 2018, Tim O'Brien, President of BAUS, aired the concept of a project to spotlight one submitted poster from each urological unit in the UK at future BAUS Annual Scientific Meetings. That concept has, now, been realised at BAUS 2022.

Individual units were invited to submit a poster illustrating any urological work, research, audit or QuIP that may be ongoing / completed within units, or an account of service delivery, expansion or recovery post-pandemic.

Just one poster from each unit, agreed by members of the department as their chosen contribution, was invited. To encourage submissions, all posters submitted for this new category were accepted without review.

Posters (A0, portrait) will be on display, for the duration of the conference, in the Gallery Level of the Exhibition Hall: those with a shared theme will be displayed together.