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Name Interests
Mr Tahir Bhat »
GMC Number: 6067761
Andrology and Genito-Urethral Surgery, Endourology and Oncology
Mr Timothy Ronald George Larner »
GMC Number: 3580619
Mr Krishnaji Pandurang Patil »
GMC Number: 4170099
Endourology, Oncology and Urolink
Mr Matthew Perry »
GMC Number: 4028848
Andrology and Genito-Urethral Surgery and Oncology
Mr Peter David Rimington »
GMC Number: 3443257
Endourology and Oncology
Mr Edward Hugo Streeter »
GMC Number: 4218878
Mr Michael James Swinn »
GMC Number: 3612842
Andrology and Genito-Urethral Surgery, Female, Neurological and Urodynamic Urology and Oncology
Mr Simon Woodhams »
GMC Number: 3499818

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