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Cytoreductive Radical Nephrectomy Audit

This audit has collected data on the current management of patients undergoing radical nephrectomy in the UK to reduce tumour volume.

The aims of the audit are:

  • to construct the risk profile of patients selected for cytoreductive nephrectomy;
  • to capture patterns of metastases at entry;
  • to determine whether operations are performed without significant morbidity;
  • to establish the survival rate of patients who underwent cytroreductive nephrectomy in 2019; and
  • to determine which patient population may benefit from cytoreductive nephrectomy.

Further information about this audit is available here
(BAUS members only: password-protected login is required)

Data was collected prospectively on all patients who underwent cytoreductive radical nephrectomy in the UK during 2019.  Follow up data for these patients is being collected in 2020. 

The results of the audit will be reported in 2021.

Participation in this audit will provide Consultants with supporting documentation of involvement in QIP/Audit in their five-year revalidation cycle. Participating trainees will be able to demonstrate involvement in national audit at their Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)