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Stent Registry

Key Features

This is an on-line registry which allows:

  • easy input of patient data relating to the insertion and lifespan of ureteric stents;
  • automatic email reminders when stents are nearing, or have reached, a user defined "end-of-life";
  • ability to track all of ureteric stents electronically so that the "forgotten or lost" stent should be prevented; and
  • facility to set up a stent registry for a department, using a single login. This allows anyone to enter the data, but the reminder emails will go to the Consultant with responsibility for the patient (who will have been selected from the drop-down list on entry of the stent details). This department logon allows limited access to the system - patients and stents only. Should you wish to use this facility, please contact the system administrator.

The registry is only available via the BAUS Data & Audit Website, developed by Dendrite. 

After logging in, you can choose either to input data on a new stent insertion, or to view previously inserted stents. Patients with stents that are near, or at the end of, their life can be recalled for stent removal / change. In patients where this has been done, details can be updated.

We are confident that the system will not lose stents that have been accurately recorded but it will, obviously, be "blind" to stents that are not captured within the system.  Therefore, the endourologists' motto should be:

"Accurate, local capture of stent insertions is the key to safe & effective stent surveillance"

For new stents

  1. Login with your BAUS Data & Audit System password
  2. Click on "Patients"
  3. Click on "New Patients" - patient demographics, including a unique identifier (NHS number), date of birth and sex can now be added and saved.
  4. Click on "Stents" - this allows details on the type of stent, side, insertion date, maximum life in days and the Consultant responsible. There is separate box for additional details where it might, for example, be helpful to record a local hospital number for ease of recall.
  5. Press the "Save" button and that stent episode becomes "live". The screen will update to display the details of the stent just entered. Next to the "Detail" button on this screen, is the "Mark Removal" button where you can, at a later date, confirm that the stent has been removed.

When a stent is within 28 days of its maximum life, details will be sent in an e-mail to the responsible Consultant, listing it as such. Similarly, when a stent has reached or passed its maximum life, an e-mail will reflect this and will continue to do so until the on-line details have been changed (i.e. the stent has been removed / changed).

For existing stents

  1. Login with your BAUS Data & Audit System password
  2. Click on "Follow-Up".
  3. Click on "My Open Stents" or "My Colleagues Stents" - these will list all current stents, their insertion date and planned maximum life.
  4. Click on "Details" - this allows you to change / modify details as appropriate (e.g. if the patient has attended and the stent was removed). For rapid access to those stents due (or overdue) for change / removal , click on the drop down box which gives three options ("All open stents", "Past max life" or "Within 28 days max life").