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Laparoscopic removal of part of the kidney (partial nephrectomy)

NOTE: Some of the information provided contains graphic, medical images which individuals may find upsetting

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Features of this video (courtesy of Mr Neil Oakley)

00:02     CT scan showing a tumour mass in the lower part of the left kidney (large, pale yellow arrow bottom right)

00:07     Exposure of the lower part of the kidney from its surrounding fat

00:11     Clamp applied to the artery supplying the part of the kidney containing the tumour (to minimise bleeding)

00:13     Removal of the tumour using scissors and electrocoagulation

00:33     Stitching to repair the defect in the bottom of the kidney

01:10     Application of a chemical agent to reduce bleeding from the cut (raw) surface of the kidney

01:17     Clamp removed from the artery supplying the lower part of the kidney

01:24     The tumour, removed from the abdominal cavity in a secure, plastic bag (to prevent tumour seeding into the tissues of the abdominal wall)

The music which accompanies this video is taken from the Second Movement (Andante) of Mozart's Piano Concerto No 21 in C Major ("Elvira Madigan") K467 - click the link on the left to see / buy / hear / download it on Amazon