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Incision of the bladder neck

NOTE: Some of the information provided contains graphic, medical images which individuals may find upsetting

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How is the procedure performed?

This is normally performed under general or spinal anaesthetic.

The bladder is examined using a small telescope, then a "spike" is inserted down the telescope. This cuts through the muscle at the neck of the bladder using high-energy electric current. Lower energy current can be used to seal any blood vessels encountered.

Once the muscle has all been divided, the bladder neck springs open, and this relieves the obstruction to urine flow which was causing symptoms.

Video - Bladder neck incision (prostatotomy)

Features of this video (courtesy of Mr Nigel Bullock)

  • The lining (pink) of the bladder & prostate
  • The high bladder neck, forming a muscular "wall" at the bottom of the image
  • The metal "spike" (silver) used to cut the bladder neck and to seal blood vessels
  • The circular muscle fibres of the bladder neck in the bottom of the incision