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Use the alphabetic search tool below to find a specific urologist, or enter more advanced search criteria to browse the directory using the option boxes below the right-hand menu. PLEASE NOTE: not all urologists are members of BAUS (currently 87.5% are) so, if your Consultant is not a member, his/her details will not be available

There are different levels of membership of BAUS and only full members are included in this listing.  Full members are in active practice in the UK or Ireland and must be on the GMC Specialist Register for urology in the UK (or its equivalent in Ireland).

97% of Consultant Urologists in the UK and Ireland are members of BAUS. This is not, therefore, a complete listing of all Consultant Urologists in the UK and Ireland. BAUS provides all full members' basic details (name, qualifications, GMC number and NHS hospitals) for display on this site. Some, but not all, Consultants have added further information themselves (e.g. private practice details, a personal statement, a photo) as part of a "public profile".  

BAUS takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information, nor can BAUS accept responsibility or liability for the uses to which this information may be put. 

PLEASE NOTE: The  Association's staff are not medically qualified and cannot provide medical advice or referrals.  For medical advice, patients should contact their general practitioner, urologist or specialist nurse in the first instance.    


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