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BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting 2015 (Manchester)

05 July 2015

Sessions from BAUS 2015 are listed in the order in which they took place. Most section meetings, plenary sessions, guest lectures, the President's address, medal presentations and images from the President's dinner have been included, but sessions taking place outside the two main auditoria were not recorded and are not, therefore, available.

A small number of speakers did not give their consent for filming or recording, and their presentations are not included.

Personal highlights of the meeting are also available on the BJUI blog pages, courtesy of Rebecca Tregunna (@rebeccatregunna), Specialist Urological Registrar, West Midlands Deanery and Dominic Hodgson (@hodgson_dominic), Consultant Urological Surgeon, Portsmouth.

Monday 15 June 2015

Section of Academic Urology

Best Academic Paper Session

Chair: Prof Rob Pickard (Freeman Hospital, Newcastle)

  1. "The role of pre-operative histology in nephroureterectomy: the UK experience": M Malki, S Fowler, S Williams
  2. "24-month functional results of a prospective randomized controlled study comparing greenlight XPS to TURP for durability, efficacy and safety (GOLIATH)": A Thomas, A Tubaro, N Barber, F d'Ancona, G Muir, U Witzsch, M-O Grimm, J Benejam, J-U Stolzenburg, A Bachmann
  3. "Altered expression of markers of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition at the extraprostatic extension component of locally invasive prostate cancers": C Verrill, L Cerundola, CM McKee, MJ White, PS Gill, EV Morris, SF Brewster, L Marsden, H Lilija, RJ Muschel, X Lu, FC Hamdy, R Bryant
  4. "Workplace patterns and urothelial bladder cancer phenotype - can occupation increase the risk of developing advanced disease?": AP Noon, JI Martissen, E Pukkala, JWF Catto
  5. "Exploring the potential of fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (18F-FDG PET) to improve clinical decision making in patients with retroperitoneal fibrosis (RPF)": AS Fernando, J Pattison, C Horsfield, D D'Cruz, TS O'Brien

John Blandy Prize & Lecture

Chair & Introduction: Prof Prokar Dasgupta (Editor-in-Chief, BJUI)
Awarded to: Dr Donna Daley & Dr Valerie Collins (University of Sheffield)

"OnabotulinumtoxinA significantly attenuates bladder afferent nerve firing and inhibits ATP release from the urothelium"
Dr Donna Daley (University of Sheffield)

Multi-Resistance in Escherichia Coli: The Threat for Urology

Chair: Prof Rob Pickard (Freeman Hospital, Newcastle) & Ased Ali (Freeman Hospital, Newcastle)

"Resistance mechanisms in Escherichia coli"
Dr Mathew Upton (Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry)

"Epidemiology & risk stratification of urosepsis after TRUS biopsy of the prostate"
Prof Florian Wagenlehner (Justus-Liebig University, Germany)

"Integrating clinical care & microbiological diagnosis in complex UTI"
Dr Tom Lewis (North Devon Healthcare Trust)

Joint Meeting With The Section of Oncology

Chairs: Prof Howard Kynaston (University of Cardiff) & Jo Cresswell (James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough)

"Using imaging in localised prostate cancer as a 'biomarker'"
Prof Mark Emberton (University College, London)
"STAMPEDE - where have we been and where are we going?"
Prof Noel Clarke (The Christie & Salford Royal Hospitals, Manchester)

How has innovation changed the landscape for radical cystectomy?

"Enhanced recovery and the changing pattern of patient selection"
Prof James Catto (Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield)
"New technology and meaningful outcomes in a new era"
Prof John Kelly (University College London)

Making radiotherapy in invasive bladder cancer more succesful

"Do we have a credible biomarker?"
Dr Anne Kiltie (University of Oxford)
"Designing a trial of biomarkers in treatment selection"
Prof Rob Huddart (Royal Marsden Hospital, London)

BURST Session: Innovation & Training: Stimulating or Stifling

Chair: Ben Lamb (Whipps Cross University Hospital)

"Update on BURST trainee research collaborative work"
Mr Veeru Kasivisvanathan (University College London)
"Innovation in training: using simulation to improve utility of technology (EAU robotic curriculum)"
Prof Prokar Dasgupta (Guy's Hospital, London)
"Innovation in group learning & the training programme"
Mr Ashish Kumar (North London Deanery) for Matt Winkler
"Innovations in training: adapting to a changing curriculum"
Mr Tim Terry (Leicester General Hospital)

Section of Andrology & Genito-Urethral Surgery

Updates Session

Chair: Duncan Summerton, Leicester General Hospital

"Andrology audits"
Mr Vijay Sangar (The Christie Hospital, Manchester)
"Urethral reconstruction"
Mr Paul Anderson (Russell Hall Hospital, Dudley)
"Peyronie's disease"
​Mr Asif Muneer (University College Hospital, London)
"Erectile dysfunction"
​Mr Michael Fraser (Glasgow Royal Infirmary)
"Male infertility"
​Mr Suks Minhas (University College Hospital, London)

Sex And The Heart - The Evidence 10 Years Later

Chair: Rowland Rees, University Hospital Southampton

"Sex and the heart - the evidence 10 years later"
Prof Francesco Montorsi (University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan)

Joint Session with The European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM)

Chairs: David Ralph, President ESSM & Duncan Summerton, Leicester General Hospital

"Current debates on female sexual functioning"
Dr Evie Kirana (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
"Bridging the gap between the genitals & the mind"
Assistant Prof Marieke Dewitte (Maastricht University, Belgium)
"Sex beyond the missionary position"
Dr John Dean (Devon Partnership NHS Trust, Exeter & St Peter's Andrology Centre, London)
"The 3Ps: porn, paint & piercing"
Prof Jacov Reisman (Dutch Centre of Sexual Medicine, Holland)

Genital Dermatology for the Andrologist

Chair: Vijay Sangar, Christie Hospital Manchester

"Genital dermatology and the andrologist"
Dr Robert Burd (Leicester Royal Informary)

Andrological Guidelines - Are They Useful?

Chairs: Prof Chris Chapple, Royal Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield & Prof Francesco Montorsi, Milan

NOTE: Nick Watkin (St George's Hospital, London) also gave a presentation at this session but this was not recorded.

Mr Asif Muneer (University College Hospital, LondoN)
"Penile curvature"
​Mr Rowland Rees (University Hospital, Southampton)
"Male sexual dysfunction (ED & PE)"
​Mr Ian Eardley (St James's University Hospital, Leeds)
"Male infertility"
​Mr Jonathan Ramsay (Charing Cross Hospital, London)

Penile Rehabilitation - Does it Really Work?

Chair: Suks Minhas, University College Hospital London

For: Prof Francesco Montorsi (Milan)
Against: ​Mr Ian Eardley (Leeds)

Medicolegal Issues in Andrology

Chairs: Asif Muneer, UCLH & Maj Shabbir, Guy's Hospital London

"Chaperones & andrology - are we at risk of exposing ourselves?"
​Mr Vaibhav Modgil (Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust)
"Consent, photography & social media"
​Mr Ian Pearce (Manchester Royal Infirmary)
"Handling complaints in genitourethral surgery"
​Mr Duncan Summerton (Leicester General Hospital)
"Genitourethral surgery & the law"
​Mr Julian Shah (University College Hospital, London)

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Bladder Cancer


"Where to next for the UK? Insights from the BOXIT trial"
Prof John Kelly (University College, London)

NICE Bladder Cancer Guidance: Directions of Change

"Scene setting & challenges for implementation"
​Mr William Turner, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge
"Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer"
​Mr Hugh Mostafid (Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford)
"Muscle-invasive bladder cancer & advanced disease"
Prof Rob Huddart (Royal Marsden Hospital, London)
"A view from the EAU"
Prof Marek Babjuk (Charles University Hospital, Prague)

"Pelves, Prostates & Plums" - Heartsink Conditions

Chair: Duncan Summerton (Leicester General Hospital)

"Historical overview of bladder / pelvic pain"
​Mr Jonathan Goddard (Leicester General Hospital)
"Chronic pelvic pain / prostatitis"
Prof Curtis Nickel (Queen's University, Kingston, Canada)
"Testicular pain"
​Mr Steve Payne (Manchester Royal Infirmary)
"Pain management perspective"
Dr Gareth Greenslade (Pain Services, North Bristol NHS Trust)

Presentation of St Peter's Medal

Following a citation by the President, Mark Speakman, the St Peter's Medal was presented to Pat Malone of The University Hospital Southampton for his outstanding contribution to the development, teaching and practice of paediatric urology. 

"St Peter's Medal 2015"
Awarded to ​Mr Padraig (Pat) Malone

President's Address

"Address by the President of BAUS"
​Mr Mark Speakman (Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton)

Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Recurrent & Salvage Treatment

Chairs: Tamsin Greenwell (University College Hospital, London) & Nikesh Thiruchelvam (Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge)

This House believes that the best treatment is ....

"... robotic"
Prof Philippe Zimmern (UT Southwestern Medical Centre, Dallas)
"... laparoscopic"
​Mr Alfred Cutner (University College Hospital, London)
"... vaginal"
Prof Dmitry Pushkar (Moscow State University of Medicine & Dentistry)

BAUS Guest Lecture

"There is more to life than death"
Dr Jerome Groopman & Dr Pamela Hartzband (Harvard Medical School)


SFNUU & Andrology Joint Session - Prosthetic Surgery

Chairs: Asif Muneer (University College Hospital, London) & Roger Walker (Epsom General Hospital)

"Half a century of prosthetic surgery in urology"
​Mr Dominic Hodgson (Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth)
"Prosthetic surgery - centralisation of services & surgeon volume"
​Mr Tim Terry (Leicester General Hospital)
"Prosthetic infection & biofilm"
Prof Rob Pickard (Freeman Hospital, Newcastle)
"Penile prosthesis infection & salvage"
​Mr David Ralph (University College Hospital, London)
"Artificial urinary sphincter infection & revision surgery"
​Mr Simon Fulford (James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough)
"Female mid-urethral tapes - excellent treatment for urodynamic stress urinary incontinence"
Prof Chris Chapple (Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield)
"Female mid-urethral tapes - the devil's work"
Prof Philippe Zimmern (UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas)
"Male slings"
​Mr James Moore (Eastbourne District Hospital)

Laparoscopic Nephrectomy - "As Live Surgery"

Chair: Peter Rimington (Eastbourne District General Hospital)

Prof Abhay Rane (East Surrey Hospital, Redhill)
​Mr Gordon Kooiman (Kings College Hospital, London)
"Live related"
​Mr Naeem Soomro (Freeman Hospital, Newcastle)

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Stones - "As Live Surgery"

Chair: Kay Thomas (Guy's Hospital, London)

"Introduction & Mini PCNL"
Mrs Sharon Scriven (Nottingham City Hospital)
​Mr Stuart Irving (Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital)
"Ultra Mini PCNL"
​Mr Oliver Wiseman & Dr Andrew Winterbottom (Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge)

The Urology Foundation (TUF) Guest Lecture

"Robotic urologic oncology: the best is yet to come"
Dr Inderbir Gill (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)

Vote of thanks: Prof Roger Kirby (The Prostate Centre, London)


Antimicrobial Resistance in Urology - Time to Sit Up & Listen

Chair: Ken Anson (St George's Hospital, London)

NOTE: Prof Mike Sharland (St George's Hospital, London) and Kim Jacobson (North Bristol NHS Trust) also gave presentations at this session but these were not recorded.

"The use of antibiotics in urology - the scale of the problem"
​Mr Kieran O'Flynn (Salford Royal Hospital, Manchester)
"What must a urologist do?"
Dr Gina Radford (Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England)

BJUI Guest Lecture

Introduction: Prof Krishna Sethia (Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital)

"High-risk prostate cancer"
Prof Hendrik Van Poppel (UZ Leuven)


Introduction: Ru MacDonagh (Outgoing Urolink Chairman, Taunton & Somerset Hospital)

"Developing urology in the developing world"
Dr Nenad Spasejovic (University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia)
"An academic year in sub-Saharan Africa; experience of a UK urology trainee"
Alex Zachou (Barnet & Chase Farm Hospital)
"Urolink - the future"
Mrs Suzie Venn (Incoming Urolink Co-Chair, Western Sussex Hospital Trust)

Robotic Surgery In UK Urology: Clinical & Commissioning Priorities

Chair: Prof Alan McNeill (Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)

"Overview of current use of robotics in urology: the BAUS data"
​Mr Jim Adshead (Lister Hospital, Stevenage)
"Retzius-sparing approach for RARP"
Prof Aldo Massimo Bocciardi (Niguarda Ca'Grande Hospital, Milan)
"Robot assisted partial nephrectomy - how to reduce ischaemia time"
Prof Jens-Uwe Stolzenburg (University of Leipzig, Germany)
"Robotic assisted radical cystectomy: is it really better?"
Dr Inderbir Gill (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)
"Commissioning robot assisted surgery in urology - sharing the challenge"
Mr James Palmer (Clinical Director Specialised Commissioning for NHS England)

The Use, Misuse & Abuse of Evidence-Based Medicine

Chair: Frank Keeley (Southmead Hospital, Bristol)

"How I use evidence-based medicine"
Prof James N'Dow (University of Aberdeen)
"Are the guidelines for asymptomatic microscopic haematuria truly evidence-based?"
Dr Charlie Tomson (Consultant Nephrologist, North Bristol NHS Trust)
"Innovation in an era of evidence-based medicine"
​Mr Peter Rimington (Eastbourne District General Hospital)

Prostate Cancer UK Guest Lecture

Chair: Owen Sharp (CEO of Prostate Cancer UK)

"Emerging paradigms in prostate cancer detection & care decisions"
Prof Martin Sanda (Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta)

President's Dinner & Presentation of Other Medals / Awards

The President's Dinner at BAUS 2015 was held in the historic setting of Manchester Town Hall.

Manchester Town Hall is a Victorian, neo-gothic municipal building that is the ceremonial headquarters of Manchester City Council and houses a number of local government departments.

Designed by architect Alfred Waterhouse, the town hall was completed in 1877. The building contains offices and grand ceremonial rooms such as the Great Hall which is decorated with Ford Madox Brown's imposing Manchester Murals illustrating the history of the city. The entrance and Sculpture Hall contain busts and statues of influential figures including Dalton, Joule and Barbirolli. The exterior is dominated by the clock tower which rises to 280 feet (85 m) and houses Great Abel, the clock bell.

The BAUS Gold Medal was awarded to Adrian Joyce in absentio; Adrian was, unfortunately, unable to attend BAUS 2015 for health reasons.

St Paul's Medal
Presented to Prof Mark Soloway

John Anderson Award
Presented to Mr Ben Grey

Keith Yeates Medal
Presented to Ms Hazel Ecclestone
(for an outstanding performance in FRCS Urol)

Keith Yeates Medal
Presented to Mr Andrew Chetwood
(for an outstanding performance in FRCS Urol)

The images above are low resolution. Click the camera to view high-definition (HD) photos of these prize presentations, of Manchester Town Hall interior and of many of the guests who attended the dinner. You are free to download any of these high-resolution images, if you wish.


Thursday 18 June 2015

IBUS & BAUS Joint Session

Chair: Anil Vohra (IBUS President, Basildon University Hospital, London)

"Understanding the bladder pain patient: the key to management of interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome"
Prof Curtis Nickel (Kingston General Hospital, Ontario)
"Ureteroscopy: tips & tricks"
Dr Manoj Monga (The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio)
"Thirty years of perc: smaller, cleaner, safer & clearer"
Dr Percy Jal Chibber (President of the Urological Society of India, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai)
"The economics of robotic surgery"
Dr Randy Fagin (Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery, Austin Texas)

Updates & Breaking News

Chair: Simon Brewster (Churchill Hospital, Oxford)

​Mr Daron Smith (University College Hospital, London)
"Oncology - prostate"
​Mr Marc Laniado (Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot)
"Oncology - kidney"
​Mr Simon Williams (Royal Derby Hospital)
"Oncology - bladder"
Ms Jo Cresswell (James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough)
"Female & BPH"
Mrs Suzie Venn (Western Sussex Hospital Trust)
​Mr Andrew Sinclair (Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport)

BJUI Session - Evidence Based Urology

Chair: Prof Prokar Dasgupta (Editor-in-Chief, BJUI)

"Systematic reviews & evidence-based urology"
Prof Philipp Dahm (University of Minnesota)
"The evidence for partial nephrectomy & its different approaches"
Prof Alessandro Volpe (University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy)

AUA & BAUS Joint Session

Chairs: Mark Speakman (BAUS President) & William Bohnert (AUA Immediate Past President)

Case Discussion: Stones

Moderator: Dr Manoj Monga (The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio)
BAUS Panellists:
Mr Daron Smith (University College Hospital, London)
​Mr Anthony Timoney (Southmead Hospital, Bristol)
​Mr David Tolley (Spire Hospital Edinburgh)

Case Discussion: Chronic Pelvic Pain

Moderator:  Prof Curtis Nickel (Kingston General Hospital, Ontario)
BAUS Panellists:
Prof Chris Chapple (Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield)
​Mr Hashim Hashim (Southmead Hospital, Bristol)
​Mr Duncan Summerton (Leicester General Hospital)

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