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Urology Fellowships

BSoT does not have access to a list of fellowships but will add to the website any opportunities we hear about: contact details will be included with each entry. If you know of any fellowship training, or feel able to make any recommendations, please let us know.

At this time, there are no suitable positions open for applications.

BSoT members are invited to share details of their experiences from fellowships undertaken, either in this country or abroad. The details should include the skills gained, the basis of the fellowship (i.e. supernumerary, dependent upon a swap with a registrar from the training scheme in the accepting hospital), details of pay (self-funding, full pay etc), and the contact details of both the person for whom the fellow works, as well as your own details.

Funding Opportunities

The Urology Foundation (TUF) Smaller Research Projects Fund

Maximum grant award: £10,000

Reserved for Nurse-led and/or Clinician-led patient projects

TUF will fund projects for patient benefit that seek to improve clinical services, treatments and communications with patients and carers. The project must incorporate outcome measures which evaluate and demonstrate improved care or well-being of patients.

Application process

Applications will be considered twice a year and must be submitted by 30 June or 31 nDecember each year. Notification of success or failure will normally be made within eight weeks of the deadline date(s). Applications must include the following information:

  • a summary of the study’s aims and objectives,
  • the projected size of the trial/study ie number of patients, etc and its duration,
  • the name and position of the study/project leader and names/positions of any other relevant members of the study team and brief CVs (e.g. two sides of A4) for each,
  • the hospital/institution where the study is to take place, and
  • a breakdown of all projected costs.

Judging process

All applications submitted by the due date will be circulated to The Urology Foundation’s Scientific & Education Committee, and Nursing Panel where appropriate, for consideration. The following criteria will be taken into account:

  • the study aims and the quality of the proposal,
  • the likelihood of the study findings being easily disseminated and where relevant, any changes to practise made as a result,
  • the reputation of the institution where the study is to be conducted and those of the study’s leading personnel. (Do the proposed supervisors have a track record of success in research publication and development of trainees who have achieved academic success?), and
  • how closely the study relates to The Urology Foundation’s own strategic priorities.

Click here for an application form (in PDF format).

The Urology Foundation (TUF) Travel Grants

Individual Grant award: £600

The Urology Foundation wishes to support those working in urology to improve their knowledge of and skills in urology through education and training. We invite urologists (Consultants & trainees), and nurses who specialise in urology, to submit an application for a grant of up to £600 to attend an educational or training course / conference which you feel would help you in your clinical practice. Because the fund is limited, this is a competitive grant, judged by the Scientific and Education Committee and a Nursing Panel. Up to two awards can be made per quarter.

Grants for courses are awarded quarterly. Closing dates are 1 Jan, 1 Apr, 1 Jul and 1 Oct.